Awesome Sox Fans

Awesome Sox Fans Tonight

Two impressive aspects to tonight’s win in Colorado … 1. it seems like it has been a long time since we have had a "comfortable" victory, and 2. tonight’s crowd was a SOX CROWD.  Not sure if you could tell on television or on the radio, but Sox fans showed up in amazing numbers at tonight’s game.  There were hand-painted signs, Venezuelan flags flying and standing ovations for Freddy Garcia and the Sox hitters.  It truly was amazing, and the Sox fans who ventured out to Denver deserve all the credit.  Everyone on the team noticed the support.  It was tremendous.

In talking to Sox fans at the game, many took this opportunity to add Coors Field to their personal list of MLB ballparks visited.  Many are heading on to San Diego with the team.  Keep the bandwagon rolling.  I don’t remember such a partisan White Sox crowd at a road game since the Sox swept the Cubs at Wrigley (remember that Mike Caruso HR?).

Speaking of Freddy, what an outstanding performance.  The Colorado radio announcers spent the last few innings of the game praising Freddy’s performance, saying that it was among the best by a pitcher at Coors Field this season.  With our bullpen on fumes tonight, this was just what the Sox needed. 

We want your opinion … a new wave of television spots began airing today.  What did you think?  Paul Konerko, Mark Buehrle, Shingo Takatsu and Tadahito Iguchi star in the new spots.  I showed Mark the spots before the game tonight … he seemed to think Konerko has a future as an actor.

In addition to these spots, there will be others later this summer more along the lines of our first wave of spots featuring grinder rules.  Let us know what you think …


It was abundantly clear that it was a Sox crowd at the last out last night. I don’t recall ever hearing such a cheer at a road game before. Great game!

As for the commercial spots…they could use better writing, but it is neat to see the players.

So far, I’d have to agree with Buehrle. Paul also did a good job in the “team chemistry” commercial last year. It surprised me then because Paul was sooooo bland (comically so) when reading the “don’t be an idiot” spot that was shown before games at US Cellular.

Aaron did a fine job, Tadahito and Shingo were pretty funny, but, unfortunately, Mark has been the worst.

I’d have to agree with that, Buehrle shouldn’t quit his day job, he’s a great ball player, not actor. I also noticed the Sox crowd at Coors while watching on tv, that’s AMAZING.

AWESOME commercials and the writing is great.

i’ll see you in san diego!

i love the blog.

i absolujtely LOVE this team…

Oh man! those commercials really kicked butt! Especially the one with Paul Konerko! and who was that outstanding Black dude in the commercial with him? whoever he is, He is great! the way he attacked those lines really made him stand out!!! more of him!!!

I like the spots. The Rowand spot was the worst. The devil angle was painful to watch – bad overacting. I’m glad the ads have taken a turn to heaven. More appealing. The best bit was the Shingo/Tadahito spot. PK is a natural. I just hope he gets above .250 soon…

I thought the one with the Devil was awesome. Of course i cant say anything bad about any of the commercials, as i was that young angel in the Konerko spot. Best time of my life shooting that commercial…hope to do more.

It is really good to know that
there are many bloggers talking & cheering about White Sox ……

Let’s go Chisox !

What’s this years slogan?

were you being sarcastic?

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