Something to Watch for Tonight

Something to Watch for During Tonight’s Game

Sitting here at Coors Field as the first pitch was thrown in this evening’s game, I asked Ken Williams, Sox general manager, what he thought the key to tonight’s game would be … "Strikes," he answered.  "Jose (Contreras) needs to have command of his fastball and be able to throw his slider for strikes."

Pre-Game News … Ross Gload has suffered a setback in his rehab and will be brought back from Class AAA Charlotte.  Gload remains on the disabled list with inflammation in his left shoulder that hinders his throwing.


Last nights performance by Jose Contreras was great. He had great accuracy, off-speed pitches, and could finally relly on the fielders to do their part. The Sox seem to be doing better turning Double-Plays and Iguchi is not bobiling the ball as much. Keep up the good work Jose and the rest of the White Sox non-injured players

I too enjoyed Jose’s performance last night. Of all the Sox pitchers, he’s the one who has made me most nervous this season. But last night he looked like he was on cruise control — much like Garcia Monday. And how about that Neal Cotts? Wow! He couldn’t have thrown the ball much better. Six batters faced, four out on strike-outs.

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