Kudos to Colorado

I Would Be Remiss …

I would be remiss in not mentioning how positive our experience was at Coors Field in Denver (and no, I am not just talking about winning three games).  Our fans, our staff and our players all commented about how friendly the ballpark employees were, how knowledgeable and how willing they were to talk baseball.  It was a pleasure to visit the city and the ballpark.

Arrival Time

I was a little off on my guess yesterday.  We made it to the hotel at about 2:10 am.  Today in San Diego was cloudy and drizzly.  Someone sent me the tourist brochure for the wrong city.

How the Sausage is Made …

For those of you who care about this stuff, I mentioned in a post on Monday that the financial numbers quoted about Ozzie Guillen’s contract by a local columnist were flat wrong.  The following correction ran today, Page 2, bottom left:  A Jay Mariotti column and a news story that appeared in the June 8 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times should have said that the Bulls’ contract with coach Scott Skiles was agreed on at $16 million guaranteed over four years, including the option year.  The Mariotti column should have said the deal was made in a telephone conversation with Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and Skiles.  The Bulls’ offer did not change from the day before.  After that phone deal, Bulls General Manager John Paxson and Reinsdorf also agreed to give Skiles a $500,000 bonus for his recent success with the team.  The Mariotti column also should have said that Ozzie Guillen’s two-year contract extension was for $2.5 million.

Kudos to the Sun-Times.


I really appreciate the continued feedback on this blog — the good, the bad and the ugly.  It is great to see the passion people have for the White Sox.  We are lucky to work in an industry where our fans have such a passion for our product.  I have been amazed at how many have read this blog and how many reactions I have received.  I have tried to reply as often as possible. If you have questions about the White Sox you would like to ask or topics you would like to see covered, please just let me know.

I might go see Cinderalla Man tonight.  Ken Williams watched it the other day in Denver and said it was excellent.  He said he even shed a tear …


i stopped reading marriotti about a year or so ago. he is ALWAYS so negative. he has an oibvious slant for the north side and simply does not say anything nice about our sox. give him up like i have, your life will be more positive.

Nice blog! Look forward to many more interesting posts.

the darn cubs made me give up on baseball for years, but 4 years ago, I started going to sox games and now I live sox baseball, been to maybe 15 games this year so far. The blog is great because when the sox are doing so good, you can’t get enough sox…games, information….checking stats and standings, reading articles, complaining about how little notice the sox get in the press, but almost glad that there’s not a lot of pressure in that regard, second guessing ozzie, but usually seeing his logic (though me and my girlfriend argue about it all the time).
Your blog is another way to stay in touch, be a fan, immersed in this great season. Thanks.

I could not agree more with jdubwalk as the first comment. I try so hard to skip over Mariotti every day but then I think he may say something good about the Sox and ends up being negative again. I wonder if he just thought for a moment that the players read the paper too and if you are being negative about people to an entire City then what happens to that players attitude. F@#$K him altogether. I love the South Side. GOOOOO SOX!!!


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