Live From San Diego

Cinderella Man

Took in the movie last night.  While I am the last person to be Cinderella_man reviewing movies (and not really sure anyone should care what I think), it was excellent.  Super acting and a humbling story line.  As a child, I remembered questionning why my grandparents always saved everything (paper bags, cans, newspaper) and always kept the leftovers.  Nothing was wasted.  Seeing a movie like Cinderella Man, when so many good people lost everything through no direct fault of their own, makes you appreciate a generation that had to work so hard to re-gain what they had lost.  It certainly makes you appreciate them and appreciate what you have.

Fish Tales

Quite a few members of the White Sox travel party took advantage of yesterday’s day off to go fishing.  The clubhouse buffet tonight will include their catch, including a 70-pound Mako shark caught by A.J. Pierzynski.  The waters were choppy and the day wasn’t great, but everyone seemed to have a good time.


Manager Ozzie Guillen said before tonight’s game that left-hander Damaso Marte’s bicep was better, but that it was still sore and that he would not be available tonight.  Tomorrow is a possibility.  Guillen thinks Petco Park will favor his team’s re-vamped offense, but also believes the ballpark will benefit tonight’s starter, Jon Garland.  The park’s dimensions are 334-358-402-396 (center)-411-322.  Timo Perez took ground balls at first base again pregame.  The Sox start their usual lineup tonight, Podsednik, Iguchi, Rowand, Konerko, Dye, Pierzynski, Uribe, Crede and Garland.  Early returns show a great many Sox fans in attendance again.  Tomorrow, I am going to tour Petco before the game and offer some observations on this blog.  Sunday, I hope to sit down with pitching coach Don Cooper and have him explain how each of our starting pitchers prepares for a game and how each guy’s routine differs.  Stay tuned.

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Podsedik’s stolen bases have 40 points to Iguchi BA – the opposing pitchers are struggling to speed up their delivery.

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