Great Crowd, Bad Result

Not Too Many of These

The good news this season is that there have not been too many blah nights like tonight.  We drew a great Monday crowd — 32,952 — but played poorly in the first few innings to put us in a deep hole.  We all are disappointed.  It seems every time we get a big crowd and play on National TV, we struggle.  Tomorrow is another day.  Make sure to look at the standings, maybe it will make you feel a little better.

Our presale for the week is really strong, so look for big crowds all week and weekend (Dodgers).  Through May, our attendance was up 12 percent, the ninth-biggest increase in baseball and the third-largest in the American League.  We topped 1.5 million tickets sold a month ahead of last year’s pace, so the trends are very good.

News on Frank

Good news on Frank Thomas.  It was just a cramp.  He should be fine tomorrow.


I was there, and I have to say, a Frank Thomas fireworks display makes any game worthwhile, even an ugly loss.

eh- i’m sure we got it all out of our system tonight. so lets look at the positive:

1. frank hits homer(and is okay)

2. crede and uribe both get hits

3. contreras struggled, but still gave us 6 innings

4. shingo and visky both pitched well

i still have tons of faith.🙂

Can’t figure out why the game wasn’t broadcast on ESPN in Indy, but I did listen on XM. Great to hear that Thomas is ok and I’m looking forward to seeing Dodgers v. Sox on Saturday!

Come talk it up on a great place to talk with other white sox fans.

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