Nice Victory

Good Win

A nice win tonight heading into an off day.  The team is tired and certainly played that way for the first 22 innings against the D’backs before the 10-run explosion.  Thursday’s day off will do a world of good.

Jon Garland improved to 11-2 with the victory to become the first 11-game winner in the American League.  He is now 6-0 at home. With a 43-22 record, the team trails only the 1915 Sox (44-21) for best record through 65 games.

"The Truth" a.k.a. Carl Everett

Carl Everett, known as "The Truth" in the clubhouse, received some attention today for comments he made this spring that were published in the most recent Maxim magazine.  Carl is Carl, so no one reacted too strongly in the White Sox clubhouse.  He has a different view of the world than most, is willing to express his opinions and is very honest.  That’s what makes him such a good teammate, but his opinions certainly aren’t mainstream (to say the least).  They don’t seem to affect anyone on the team much, they chuckle, and they certainly don’t represent the views of our organization.  We hope fans understand that.

I wonder how many other guys in baseball think dinosaurs didn’t exist?

Carl is one of the guys who earlier this year rented a suite at a hotel while the team was on the road and held a big party for anyone on the Sox who wanted to attend.  People talk about chemistry on a team … that’s one of the reasons this team has grown so close.


you can rest assured that most sports fans in chicago will agree with Carl’s recently expressed opinion of a certain local newspaper “writer.”

cubs and sox fans alike.

I was at the game tonight and wow was that a beautiful win. section 106 was soo rowdy! WE WERE ALL GOING CRAZY! I just love this team soo much, they’re so great!

carl is a stud. frank is a stud. “gooch” (iguchi) is a stud. what a classy organization.

Although I completely disagree with everything Carl Everett says, to be honest, it makes me like him more. Which reminds me, I gotta buy me a “Crazy Carl” Jersey. Who cares if dinosaurs existed the way that number 8 is playing this year?

PS, on a completely unrelated note, you’ve probably seen/heard about the anti-Hawk propaganda on the internet. I urge you to completely ignore it. I’ve spent my entire life as a Sox fan, and I can’t even imagine watching a White Sox homer without “You can put it on the booooooaaaaaaaard…. YES!” Any real Sox fan could tell you that. That must be the single most recognizable home run call in baseball.

Hi, I just started reading the blog today and I think it is fantastic. I’m curious as to what kind of bars the players go to after games or on off days. Some friends of mine told me that they saw Willie and Mark at a hotel bar in Cleveland (I think) last year.

thank f&@#ing god that John Rooney and Ed Farmer will still be broadcasting the game on 670. sorry guys but i’m not a fan of dj and hawk. as an individual i like hawk but those two dont work together well….and with that “i’m gone”

Hey does anybody else have their own nicknames for the players? If so let’s share some. We call Rowand…”booble”..he looks like a booble head doll(in a good way)….we call Paulie…”paulbearer”…cause he’s always carrying this team..we call Dye..”Just Doing it(JD)…and we call Guillen….”the Wiz”…the wizard of oz…because he has given us a heart,brains and courage and there’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!! GO SOX!!!!

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