From The Interview Room

From Ozzie Guillen

On starter and winning pitcher Mark Buehrle:

"I’ve run out of quotes.  I don’t know what to say.  Finally, we swung the bats while he was on the mound.  The way he was throwing, he deserved the shutout and the complete game.  He’s the heart of the White Sox."

On the fact that five of Frank Thomas’ eight hits have been home runs:

"Good, that way he doesn’t have to run the bases."

From Mark Buehrle

On four straight no decisions before tonight’s victory:

"Deep down inside, I just want to go out there and get the team a win.  If I don’t get it, I hope someone in the bullpen does.

On posting 42 starts in a row with at least 6.0 IP:

"I want to go deep into games.  I’m proud of it because it means I must not be getting beaten around too much and knocked out early."

On his comments about other pitchers’ possible cheating:

"First off, I want to know what I said that was wrong?  I said I did not know personally, but that you hear things, you hear rumors, around the league about guys cheating.  Guys can use a corked bat and you will never know until it breaks.  They can check hitters and check guys each inning.  I’ll drop my drawers and they can check whatever they want."

"By the way, we won the game tonight."

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Ozzie’s comments are cute when the team is winning. His act will get tired in a hurry when they are having a tough season. I hope he learns from experience to control his impulsive comments. If the team is bad in the future, HE will be the story, and it could be a tough deal for him. I feel bad for Ken Williams to spend what seems like a lot of media airtime covering Ozzie’s back. His manager should put him in that position.

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