Tonight at U.S. Cellular Field

Tonight’s Game

Fans went to a White Sox game and had an old-fashioned (like in 2004) American League game break out, as the Sox took an 11-8 decision from the visiting Kansas City Royals to win the first game of the three-game series.

With the victory, the Sox improved to 7-0 against the Royals, 24-10 at home and their 47-22 record is the best 69-game start by a White Sox team in franchise history (the 1915 team was 46-23).

Despite scoring 11 runs, the Sox still had to scrape for the win, breaking an 8-8 deadlock with three runs.

"In 2000, when we won, we blew everyone out and didn’t have too many close games," said Paul Konerko after the game.  "I think that hurt us in the end, so maybe this will help us down the road."

Wearing Pinstripes

A great crowd of 34,345 turned out for the ballgame on a beautiful night in Chicago.  So many more fans seem to be wearing White Sox jerseys, t-shirts, hats and colors this season when compared to past seasons at the ballpark.  The support is noticeable and has players talking.

Nothing But Nancy

Wednesday afternoon’s series finale will feature nothing but organ music as Nancy Faust celebrates 35 seasons as organist for the White Sox.  Seniors may also stroll the bases after the day game, so take advantage of the day.



Great to see such a big crowd out there tonight. While watching the game on TV I noticed that it was pretty packed, but couldn’t believe it when Rooney announced the 35k+ crowd total. And this is just against the Royals… I smell a sea change coming on.

It’s about time that folks got on the wagon…us die hards were wondering when they would come around.

It was incredible to see the seats full. I was wondering why the “Pepsi Half-Price Tuesday” promotion was scaled back for this season. The drop off in paying customers is noticable as it is depressing to see in person. It should be a “unwritten” rule that a fan should wear his team’s colors while attending the game.

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