Pregame Thoughts on Wed

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, SS (Uribe continues to rest a strained back); Iguchi, 2B; FT, DH; PBuerhle_1K, 1B; Everett, LF; Dye, RF; Rowand, CF; Widger, C; Crede, 3B.  Mark Buehrle is pitching, so arrive early.

Take A Drive

The next time you are heading to a Sox game, leave early and take a quick tour of the neighborhood around U.S. Cellular Field.  You will be amazed at the new condo and townhouse construction underway in Bridgeport.  Yesterday, Jerry and I were talking about it after he drove over to Polo Cafe for lunch.  Ozzie Guillen was there attending this month’s Windy City Sox Fan luncheon, so Jerry and Ozzie signed autographs for the fan club members.  One his way there, Jerry drove around some of the re-developed areas of Bridgeport.  "It was amazing," he told me.  "It’s like its own little city."

Fans also might want to drive down Halsted street from UIC.  Again, I think they will be surprised at what they see.  The other neighborhood under construction is Bronzeville.  While its development might be a little behind Bridgeport, it still is Bridgeport_1happening quickly.  It will only be a matter of time before the area between the Dan Ryan and the lake is again a vibrant community … not a strip of bars but a neighborhood and a community.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a front page story on the White Sox that described CHA high rises, rusty walls and open lots.  We think the description they used was about 5-10 years old (which is probably the last time they bothered to attend a game).  Nothing could be futher from the truth today.  Come judge for yourselves.

And the best news is that all of these neighborhood developments will benefit the Sox and Sox fans during the summer.

Next time you get the chance, take a drive around the ballpark.



Thanks for the positive comments about the neighborhood. It’s all true. Things are improving quickly on both sides of the Dan Ryan. I’d like to see the White Sox and the Stadium Authority do their part by developing the White Sox parking lots. Instead of having a ballfiend surrounded by a 32-acre moat of hot asphalt, it could be connected to the neighborhood with shops and restaurants, with no loss of parking: put the parking underground. There was a good article about it earlier this year in the Chicago Journal:

To say that the neighborhood is as the WSJ says it is is to talk in the past tense. That would be neglecting the many improvements in the area, and ONCE again an attempt to negate the accomplishments thus far of the White Sox. Sad, partial media, always siding with larger market teams…


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