Quick Note


Before I hear from anyone about the white dove at the bottom of my previous blog entry, please understand there is a kind gentleman at MLBAM who looks over my shoulder as I write this.  Because I am technologically challenged — to say the least — he is responsible for all the impressive links and photos you see.  Credit him for all the cool stuff and blame him for the white dove at the bottom of the prior post.


oh… and i just thought that you and i had the same hobbies: 1. the white sox, 2. clip art of graceful birds.

Ah, there’s nothing wrong with a little illustration of your “give peace a chance” comment.
Do you think we’d all be so mean spirited as to make fun of the dove? Naaaaaah!

I thought it was rather amusing.

It’s OK….as long as you don’t start releasing doves at the same time as the fireworks go off for home runs!

I was gonna say “Its okay as long as we win!”

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