Notes From Sunday’s Finale

Kissing Your SisterScales

The White Sox dropped Sunday’s series finale, 2-0, to the Cubs, ending this year’s city series tied at 3-3.  Each team won two of three contests in the other team’s ballpark.

Credit to Prior

Considering the circumstances, Mark Prior turned in an amazing performance today.  Hate to lose, but you have to credit him.  We were impressed by his ability to throw breaking balls even with the count at 3-1.

"I’ve got to tip my hat to that man," Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said of Prior.  "He throws strikes, is special and has pitched in big games."

With only one hit, the Sox couldn’t manage much offensive support for Jon Garland, who again pitched well in falling to 12-3.

"You’re not going to win games when you get one hit," Guillen said.  "And when you do get a guy on base, the next pitch is a double play ground ball."

After tomorrow’s off day, the Sox begin a six-game trip to Detroit and Oakland.  Mark Buehrle will be on the mound.

"Hopefully, we keep the same intensity and enthusiasm next week when we face the Tigers," Guillen said.

Crede’s "Ups"

Third baseman Joe Crede Crede leaped high to snag Derrick Lee’s line drive to end the sixth inning.  For those surprised by Joe’s vertical, he recently brought a videotape of one of his high school basketball games that featured two break-away slam dunks by Crede.

Topping 1 Million

You might never know it given the annual attention to White Sox attendance challenges, but the club topped the 1 million mark today … the fastest the Sox have reached the 1 million mark since 1994.  The Sox averaged 30,962 fans on the just-completed, 12-game homestand.  Thanks Sox fans.

Apologies to Eddy

For those of you who read this often, it will come as no surprise that I misspelled the name of Eddy Curry in yesterday’s post.  My ninth grade English teacher would not be surprised either, but sorry Eddy.  Credit goes to Teddy Greenstein of the Tribune for pointing out the error.  It will not be my last, so make sure you email me and point them out when they occur.

Kudos to the Tribune

For Melissa Issacson’s great feature on Mark Buehrle in today’s Tribune.  Check it out.  She really captured the easy-going, low-key Mark we all know.

Mad About YouReiser

Paul Reiser, star of long-running Mad About You, took in the game today with his family.  Paul and a son came early for batting practice.


For those concerned, Aaron Rowand did get his football signed by the members of the 1985 Bears Super Bowl team.  He was very happy before the game.

Outstanding Play

By shortstop Pablo Ozuna to end the Cubs fifth inning.  Not only did he keep it on the infield (to keep a run from scoring), but he was able to toss the ball to second baseman Willie Harris to record the third out.  Ozuna has more than filled in for Juan Uribe, who has been nursing a sore back.

New Zealanders

A group of 50 visitors from New Zealand were at today’s game, their first MLB game ever.  You wonder what they thought of the afternoon …


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Scott – I just found this blog and I think these are wonderful ideas for both players to use as well as staff members such as yourself. It gives the fans an up close view of the daily ins and outs of what goes on in the dialy life within the confines of a stadium.

I am about to start an intern for the Houston Astros in Media Relations and am very excited about the opportunity I have to work in the business for a while. Hopefully something full-time will come out of this job with one of the 30 teams.

Baseball is my life, baseball statistics have been a huge part of my life and now I get the opportunity to work int he field. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog thus far and attempting to catch a glimpse of the viewpoint of an employee in the field I will e working in. Keep up the good work.

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