Off Day

Off Day Schedule

It’s an off day for the team today.  Most guys spend the day sleeping, playing golf or with their family.  The plane leaves for Detroit at 8 pm from Midway, so guys really do have a full day to themselves.

Minnie Several guys, including Freddy Garcia, Joe Crede, Willie Harris, Minnie Minoso, Bill Melton and Ron Kittle, spent an hour at White Sox Day at Taste of Chicago in Grant Park.  This is a long-standing tradition for the Sox to be a part of the city’s summer celebration, and we always appreciate players giving up some of their off day time to greet fans.

Above the Radar

So much for my attempt to launch this blog below the radar.  Teddy Greenstein wrote a very nice piece about this blog and the one by WGN-TV Cubs announcers Len Kasper and Bob Brenly.  My hope is that this blog rises (or falls) on its own word-of-mouth merit, but the media attention can’t hurt.  Everyone seems to want me to put a photo up on the site, but I am struggling with how that is a positive for anyone, especially me.

AL Central Props

With four teams in the American League Central at or above .500, the division is beginning to get some well-deserved attention nationally.  We more then held our own against the National League, combining to go 54-37 (helped in large part by the Sox, 12-6, and the Indians, 15-3).

Four of the top five pitching staffs (ranked by ERA) in the AL are from our division.  The Angels (3.45) lead everyone, followed by the Sox (3.54), Twins (3.68), Indians (3.71) and Tigers (3.88).

Offensively, the Sox lead the division in runs scored with 358 (32 ahead of Cleveland) but rank fifth in the AL.  The team’s .262 batting average is tied for ninth, while our .326 OBP is ninth.

Water_1 Kudos to All

Credit to all Chicago baseball fans — Sox and Cubs alike — for a classy and respectful weekend of baseball.  Fans were well behaved all weekend and were very conscious of the heat and its possible effects.  Record sales of bottled water were the result.  Congrats, Chicagoans.


Scott, I too noticed the great behavior of MOST of the fans after Sunday’s finale. Not too much vulgar stuff. My favorite – as the fans walked down from the sky (aka the upper deck) a chant of “FIRST PLACE WHITE SOX” rang out over and over. Nice to hear something positive instead of the usual Cub bashing. Remember Sox fans, it’s just a speedbump on the road to a championship. GO SOX from another season ticket holder in the upper deck.


Was the Minnie Minoso statue at US Cellular vandalized this weekend?

If so, will we be reading about it in the Chicago Tribune? Yeah, right. If so then it will be in Friday’s paper on page 12 of the metro section.

Oh, BTW great blog!


– DC

Just curious… Is there any chance of turning the Go-Go White Sox ninth inning scoreboard thingy into a TV commercial? I love the great mix between the past and present.

Beautiful article in the Trib today by Teddy, I totally agree.

BTW- despite the heat, the vendors at the park must have been racking in huge cash. Any clue on what the exact numbers were for vendor sales?

Not everyone was well behaved, as the Cubune is now reporting that the Minoso statue was indeed vandalized during the Cubs/Sox series.

No word in their story about who did it or why, nor did they speculate on whether it was a Cub fan or not.

You might remember that when a patch of the Wrigley wall weeds came up dead days after the Cubs/Sox series a few years ago the Cubune did not hesitate to implicate Sox fans, even though there was no evidence other than circumstancial.

‘The wall weeds came up dead days after the Sox played here. We know that no Cub fan would have done it. So, it must have been one of those lowly Sox fans. Only they would do something like that…’

If you remember that pretty much sums up their investigation. No proof, blame Sox fans.

Could a Cub fan have done something to have killed the weeds? Could a groundskeeper or stadium worker have purposefully or accidentally done the damage? No, it’s better to just pin it on Sox fans.

Why not follow the same logic in the vandalism of Minoso’s statue?

I think Steve Stone could give everyone some insight into the Cubune’s editorial practices.

Thanks, Scott, for this website; it’s interesting material. Could you or someone else do a column on what former White Sox players are doing right now or have done since they left the organization? I became a White Sox fan when Chuck Tanner was hired to be the Sox’s manager. The previous year, he led the now-defunct Hawaii Islanders to the championship series of the Pacific Coast League against the Spokane Indians. I was born and raised in Hawaii. The Islanders were affiliated with the then-California Angels at the time. Bill Melton was playing for the Islanders. When Chuck Tanner went to Chicago, Bill Melton went along also. I remember in Chuck’s first season with the Sox, **** (Richie) Allen joined the team and became a fan-favorite. Any idea what **** is doing now or has done? I enjoyed reading the Tribune’s recent, multi-paged article about Mark Buerhle. I am glad to learn that both he and Joe Crede are originally from Missouri. My wife and I have lived in Missouri for over a year now.

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