Another Wild One


Another amazing victory last night.  Detroit has to be wondering what it has to do to beat the White Sox.  To paraphrase Paul Konerko after the game … You can call us lucky or you can say it’s not luck, it’s a group of professional players who know what to do in these situation to win games.  It depends on if you are with us …


Personally, I was happiest for Shingo Takatsu last night, although it looked like we would blow it in the 13th on a bunt single, a Shingo flair to right and a sac bunt.  Shingo really has pitched pretty well his last six times out and his struggles this season have really eaten at him.  He cares deeply.  So I was rooting for him to pitch well, and I was happy he came through.  It was interesting to read this morning that a veteran like Shingo would still admit to feeling butterflies as he headed back out to the mound for the final inning.


The huge fireworks display beyond the center field fence during the last few innings of the game gave the contest a surreal feel on television.


As well to Cliff Politte’s performance last night.  How clutch has Cliff been this year?

Albert Belle

With Kenny Rogers’ explosion last night toward the media in Texas, severalAlbert_1 commentators have compared his actions to Albert Belle. While Albert was never Mr. Media or very warm and fuzzy, I cannot say a bad word about the man during his time with the Sox (I can’t speak to his time in Cleveland).  Albert did not speak to the media as often as we would have liked, but I always felt we could have a conversation and reach some type of compromise.  I know Albert and Jerry Manuel often spent time together talking, and most of our players enjoyed him as a teammate, his intensity, commitment, work ethic and desire to win.  I guess my only point here is that I have no complaints about Albert while he was with the White Sox.

Curt Smith Blog

Curt Smith, a gentleman who has authored several books, including one about baseball broadcasters, has started a blog.  Curt recently spoke with Hawk Harrelson and his conversation can be found in Curt’s blog.  Check it out if you have interest.

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WOW, what a game last night.
They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The kind of game that we will all look back and point to in October as a real character builder.

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