Best Record In Baseball

Best Record vs. Best Team

There is a debate going on in Chicago over the last day or two about the Sox.  Can you call them the best team in baseball or the team with the best record?

Earlier this year third base coach Joey Cora had this take:

"The best team in baseball isn’t decided until the World Series," he said.  "All we have now is the best record in baseball.  It means nothing until the end of October."

So that’s how our clubhouse feels about the issue.


However…I sure do enjoy subtley poo-pooing the many Cardinals fans I know. It is nice to remind them that if they really are such a good team, they should have matched the Sox record by now…particularly since the Cards play in such a weak division. It’s amazing how quickly that quiets them! GO SOX!

i believe they are the best team in baseball..look at their record. They are winning the blow outs and they are winning the close games which by the way the past few years they seemed to find a way to lose…they can hit and pitch…the best of both worlds in baseball..oh yeah…pretty good defense too…one more thing…KEEP CREDE

I vote with the clubhouse. When the Mariners won 116 games, but didn’t make it through the first round of the playoff were they the best team in baseball? If all you have to do to be the best team is have the best record, why bother with the World Series?

In this case I am also predicting the Sox as the winner of the 2005 World Series – so when it’s all said and done they WILL BE the best team in baseball.

They are the best team in baseball, because they have the best record.

I just hope they don’t go into their usual funk when they visit Oakland this weekend.

The best team in baseball is more than just pure stats, it lies behind the heart, soul, and talent behind the team. The Sox have shown plentiful chemistry, which allows them to blend evenly on the field for a winning combination.

As for pure talent, I may say it is a different story. The team relies on some veteran players who have had bouts of animosity in the past, in the Big Hurt, Carl Everett, and Jermaine Dye to name a few. The offense is a somewhat overachieving one, and still has holes at shortstop and third base.

I believe that when asked about the best team, I would offer up that the Cardinals hold that title. They have a potent lineup with very few holes as well as hitters who are young powerful (with the exception of Larry Walker). Their pitching staff is subpar, but should be able to hold up in a pennant race.

To sum things up, I would say the Sox are somewhat overachievers this season. Is that a bad thing? No. I am Sox fan and I couldn’t be happier with their success.

I completely agree with the clubhouse…the best team in baseball for the year is the team that wins the World Series. Talent, record, and the regular season mean nothing in october, as the 2001 Mariners found out.

I like Cora’s reasoning and the idea that nothing is proven until we take the trophy home to Chicago – but on the other hand, the playoffs can be such a crapshoot. One bad inning from an ace pitcher – e.g Rivera vs. the Diamondbacks – can be the difference between World Series champions and also-rans. To paraphrase Ice Cube, “the season isn’t a track meet, it’s a marathon.” In my opinion, it’s possible for a team to be the best in baseball and not win the World Series. Sometimes, that’s just the way the postseason cookie crumbles.

U-G-L-Y.. that is all i have to say about contreras last night.

i have lived out here in SF since 2000 and like the team, i am tired of the colliseum woes. this is borderline ridiculous… hopefully today, jon g will pull another one out.

regardless, i will be there and will be loud as i have been for all but one onf the 3-19 stretch out here in the bay.

please please please win today and tomorrow.

i think that the white sox can be the best team in baseball, but their pitching is what is keeping them alive. their record is amazing though. i guess we will have to see when october comes around.

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