Random West Coast Thoughts

Reax from Yesterday

There was a great quote from Joe Crede in today’s Chicago Sun-Times:

"I can’t recall a time when I’ve had this much fun on a team," Crede said.  "I know in A-ball I played on a team that won a lot — we won 80-something games.  I had fun then, but this is more fun.  Everybody gets along with everybody, and it seems like everybody jells together and our pitching has been unbelievable.  They’ve been carrying us the whole way."

For Joe, who rarely says much, this is like a month’s worth of quotation.

And from Frank Thomas on the winning environment:

"It feels great," Thomas said.  "Guys rag me and everything else, which is good.  It’s part of a good team.  There’s a new hero every night.  Guys have a hunger to win and the pitching keeps us in ballgames."

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

The Sox have posted seven three-game sweeps this season and two two-game sweeps.  When combined, those sweeps account for a 25-0 record.  The team is 19-5-2 in series and are an amazing 25-6 against the AL Central.

Heading West

Much has been said and written about our recent West Coast struggles, although as with most statistics, it depends a little bit on where you want to draw the line.  In 2000, when the White Sox won the AL Central, the team went 10-6 on the West Coast (not counting a playoff loss in Seattle).

Since then, the team has indeed struggled, going 12-43 from 2001-04.  This year, the Sox have gone a respectable 5-5 at Oakland (1-2), the Angels (2-2) and San Diego (2-1).

Amazingly, this weekend series at Oakland is the fourth time in 2005 the Sox have travelled to the West Coast before the All-Star Break.  The team makes just one more stop in the season’s second half, going to Seattle August 26-28.


It will be interesting to see how Commissioner Selig and MLB handles the Kenny Rogers incident.  My opinion, for what’s it is worth, is this:  the media — both in our clubhouse and on the field — represent the public.  They are the eyes and ears of the public, a public that loves the game and wants insight into the team, what happened in that day’s game and why.  Even though it may be very difficult sometimes to separate personal relationships (likes and dislikes, friendship and hatred) from your interactions with the media, we always try to encourage our players to respect the job media representatives do and treat them with respect as people.  Sometimes that happens, sometimes it does not.  We obviously have less influence with the media, but we would hope they approach their jobs in the same manner.  Sometimes that happens, sometimes it does not.  Bottom line, when you are speaking to a group of writers and reporters in front of your locker, you really are speaking to the public at large.  We do media training each spring with our minor league players and this is one of the biggest lessons our trainers try to instill.  Think of your audience.


the good news–kenny rogers is
getting anger management

control training…the bad news is,his trainer is jeremy roenick.

You so said it. The reason I despise Barry Bonds is his tirade earlier this year about not owing the media anything. But the media is how we “talk” to the pros. We the FANS are the one who pay their salaries, so we shouldn’t be shut out because someone is being a crabby pants.

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