Vote For Scott

Not me, Podsednik …

Scott Podsednik is one of five American League players eligible to be named as the 32nd player to the All-Star Team via on-line balloting.  Since you had to be pretty computer savvy to even find this blog, you are our demographic.

If so inclined, please go to, or and vote for Scott.  His competition is Torii Hunter of the Twins, Carl Crawford of the Rays, Derek Jeter of the Yankees (yikes) and Hideki Matsui of the Yankees (double yikes).

Maybe the two Yankees players will split the vote, so I think we have a chance here if we can just out-vote the nation of Japan.

On the flight back from Oakland last night, our players were talking about getting behind this effort to try and help Scott make the team. One thought was t-shirts saying "Vote for Scott," a la Napoleon Dynamite, but voting closes at 7 pm Wednesday and it’s tough to find a t-shirt manufacturer on July 4.  If anyone out there knows someone, call me.  Our team would be happy to wear them.

We are going to try and hook up a laptop in the dugout so that the entire team can vote for him before taking the field for batting practice.

Anyway, do whatever you can, wherever you can.  This being Chicago, vote over and over again …


I voted for Scottie about 20 times so far. Speaking of voting over and over again, check out the Tribune’s reader poll for the All-City Team at… if you can find it. The Trib buried the link after some computer savvy sox fan commandeered the poll. For example, in the voting for manager, Ozzie got 128,000 votes to Dusty’s 74. The entire Sox pitching staff made the team, and White Sox fill every position except right field, where some guy named Jeromy Burnitz won. I want a recount in the right field race. You have to be registered to get in, but here’s the URL:,1,4890313.htmlstory

I have voted for Scottie at least 100 times. He is the best!!! Everyone out there get the message out…. VOTE FOR SCOTTIE!!!!

As far as “Vote for Scott” shirts go, all you need is a computer, printer, and special iron on paper carried by most craft stores. Pick up the t’s and you’re set. But the real question is who plays the roll of Napoleon and grooves like none other in the sweet moon boots?

Hey Scott – do you have any idea when the 1st results update comes out?

As far as voting, between myself, my brother, and cousin we’ve got about 5,000.

i’ve voted a few hundred times myself

has anyone noticed that even if you don’t put in the right validation key it still says “Thanks for voting”? Like if you just put the number 1 in the box and hit vote it works…anyone know if voting like that is gonna count? just a little possible shortcut.

To any Sox/Chicago baseball fan, support Scotty P. Let’s not forget The Big Hurt being left off the roster in his own city in 2003!!!!

What people need to understand is Scotty’s importance as a tablesetter for the offense. Hawk has mentioned numerous times how his speed has affected the opposing defense and distracted pitchers. He is also a great fielder, and while Carlos Lee is an improving and serviceable defensive player, Pods gets to a lot of balls that would hang up C lee. He is invaluable to us and nothing would be sweeter than for the rest of the baseball world outside of Chcago to understand his role on the best team in baseball!

You have to use the correct validation key when you vote or the vote will be discounted in the tabulation.

I’m listening to the games on Internet (because I’m in Japan) and voting for Scotty Pods at the same time. I think I’ve done fifty so far. Keep Crede. I don’t WANT to see Contreras go. I have faith in this White Sox team now, something I don’t think I’ve ever had before.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! GO! WHITE! SOX! The clown lives on. I’m going crazy about this extra starter. I don’t know about Schmidt (suspect and pricy) but what do people think of Ted Lilly or Cory Lidle?

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