Tuesday Odds and Ends


Things were very crazy today and I did not get a chance to post until now (8th inning), so no lineups.

Vote for Scott

We have a chance, well, actually, Scott Podsednik has a chance.  The race between Pods and Derek Jeter for the 32nd man on the American League All-Star Team is close.  You can vote an ulimited number of times for the Final Vote, so keep clicking.  It’s hilarious to see Paul Konerko and Neal Cotts in our clubhouse with mlb.com up on their screen voting away.  Guys have really gotten into this, which says something about the team chemistry and how well Pods is liked.

Mark Buehrle took the mic on the field last night after the game and again today before the game to encourage votes.  Players are wearing "Vote for Scott" t-shirts and our ushers and vendors have "Vote for Scott" buttons.  Jerry Reinsdorf was sporting his button tonight during the game.

We posted a "Vote for Scott" sign on the padding behind home plate and keep running announcements on the television and radio broadcasts, as well as in the ballpark.  It’s a grass roots effort that is growing.

Go to whitesox.com, mlb.com or espn.com to vote.

A related note, during last night’s rain delay, Podsednik sat on the rail of our dugout and signed autographs for many fans.


Mother Nature threw us a curve last night, and we swung and missed.  Thanks to all our fans who showed great patience in waiting for the game to start.  We expected heavy rain at about game time and kept the tarp on the field.  You want to avoid having pitchers warm up and then sit down for a lengthy rain delay, so that was part of the equation.  The rain stopped a few minutes from the ballpark and just sat there for an hour, frustrating us, our fans and the forecasters.  Normally, we try to keep our fans updated with announcements and messages on the jumbotron, but we were not able to do that last night because the weather did not live up to our expectations.  We did not provide enough information to our fans, and I apologize for that.  We have meet internally today to come up with a better way to avoid this in the future.  Sorry.

Trade Rumors

Without getting into specifics, here’s how these rumors often happen.  At this time of year, teams send scores of scouts out to watch players for potential trades, future expectations or just to confuse other teams about who you are interesting in pursuing at the trade deadline.  Reporters are aware of this in the industry and often look to see where teams like the White Sox may be sending their scouts.  Call this the pile of firewood, if you will.  Then, it takes just one spark, an overheard comment, a miscommunication, a misunderstood comment or joke, a guess, and suddenly, you have this tremendous story based on no real hard information.  It is part of baseball, part of what makes July exciting for fans and teams and the media, but often there is no there, there.  Sometimes there is. 

A problem for us (the team) is that if we constantly dismiss and respond to rumors, eventually everyone will be able to figure out when they are onto something (when we don’t dismiss something).  GMs want to make the very best moves for their teams in July, so we want to be below the radar as much as possible.

National Anthem Spot

We debuted a television spot on July 4 showing the importance of the National Anthem to the White Sox.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?

30 Games Over .500

Tonight’s comeback win — as I wrote this — moved us to 30 games over .500 for the first time this season.  A huge home run from the Big Hurt.  Another amazing Sox victory.  This team can become addictive …


Absolutely unreal. It’s so strange, but I had total confidence all night that we would win this ballgame. And it is someone different all the time who steps up and dleivers, in this case Frank. The dream season continues, tonite I’m a die-hard Angels fan.

Thanks for the apology, Scott, but the weather delay wasn’t that bad. I was at the game, and everyone at the ballpark was in a great mood, as if we all knew we were in for a win.

Have the Sox ever been 30 games above .500 before the all-star break? Ever?

I was at the game tonight. As one commentator (was it you, Scott?) mentioned, the fans gave Thomas an ovation each time he came to bat, simply in recognition of all he’s done for the team over the years. It was great to see, and made it even better when he rose to the occasion (not that it’s a rare occurrence or anything). And who picked “Back in Black” as Dustin’s entrance music? Kudos to whomever it was, awesome choice.

i think the thing about trade rumors this year is that they are somewhat scary. i have come to love everyone on this team and i can’t think of anybody i’d want to see go. ross gload has been doingn well in AAA ball, so its probably time he gets called up, but who is going to go? i hate to see anyone who has worked so hard not get to be a part of this team day in and day out.

I, too, was at the rain delay game, and I got slightly worried when one of the vendors mentioned a rumor that the game would be called. Ah, the power of rumors. Thanks to Scott for signing all the memorabilia; too bad I was in the Upper Deck :)!

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