Congratulations to Scott Podsednik

Scott1_1Congratulations to left fielder Scott Podsednik on being elected the 32nd player on the American League All-Star Team tonight. 

The announcement was made as Scott took the field in the third inning tonight.  As the fans stood and cheered, Scott tipped his cap to the fans and teammate Aaron Rowand ran up and hugged his outfield partner.

Kudos as well to everyone who had a hand in making this possible.  First off, Sox fans were amazing in their commitment to this campaign and their willingness to devote hours and many sore finger tips to make this happen for Scott.  No one should question the number, commitment and Pride that Sox fans show after seeing what they accomplished at the ballot box over the past three days. 

The team was incredible as well as guys sat in the clubhouse voting time and time again.  Joe Crede’s back is sore, so he sat out batting practice and voted over and over again.  Mark Buehrle, Paul Konerko and Jon Garland were as happy for Scott as they were when they were named to the team.  Everyone contributed.  One of the fans who commented on this blog asked for examples of this year’s chemistry … tonight was it.

Way to go Scott and way to go Sox fans.


When we traded Carlos Lee for Podsednik, I actually sent the one and only “fan email” in my life to the front office. Bringing in a guy with Scott’s tools and commitment was worth the trade off in potential homeruns.
HAS IT BEEN WORTH IT? I think the 3,965,473 votes Scott receieved in the last few days proves that White Sox baseball is something for true fans!

Scottie deserved it!!! I am so proud of the sox fans for their dedication!!! Scottie has brought us what we needed: something to ignite our offense!! This team is something special and you see it everyday they take the field! And this blog is awesome! Thanks for all the updates!

Congrats Podz..I am been voting non stop for the last 48 hrs..I think its great what you have done for youself and your career..ALL of us here in West are very proud of you. I hope all my voting has helped you, as you being with Tanner and I is why we won state..You are an inspiration to all..We are always watching..Good Luck..Branden Bonge..West Trojans..State Champs 1999

awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome… i am so incredibly proud to be a white sox fan it is just sick. pods, you rock! sox, you rock! sox fans we rock!!! tim raines… you are the rock.

that said, we beat the most popular player in the entire MLB from the most popular team. we are growing with each win. i can hear the trains fill from the north side driving to the south side. we are THE best game in town, if not, the country. CHEERS everyone and especially scott. he totally deserves this and in my opinion is the most important acquisition we made last offseason.


i’m an astros fan, so of course i kept voting for oswalt, but i didn’t really have an american league guy. i started off voting for matsui, because i think he should’ve been a consideration as a starter in the a.l.

then i kept reading about pods’s teammates voting for him, and i remembered how much i hated him when the astros had to face milwaukee, so i switched over to voting for him.

he really is a great ballplayer, and it’s good to see him get a chance to showcase that.

I’m so glad Pods made it! I voted like a mad woman. He deserves it and you seriously can’t doubt White Sox fans, we’re die hard, and I think we let everyone know that!

White Sox fans – there are more of us than a lot of people think.

I think what the team has accomplished this year is very remarkable,and it shows the way they go out every game. To have 2 starting pitchers,pauly,and scottie going to the allstar game is just the icing on the cake. Everyone counted us out at the start of the season,but sox fans know that you can never count us out. Thanks sox for the great start and keep it up throughout the season

I think what the team has accomplished this year is very remarkable,and it shows the way they go out every game. To have 2 starting pitchers,pauly,and scottie going to the allstar game is just the icing on the cake. Everyone counted us out at the start of the season,but sox fans know that you can never count us out. Thanks sox for the great start and keep it up throughout the season

Nice face time last night, Scott. Way to bring the good news up to the booth. It was a great moment to see the announcement on the board and team/fan reactions. The Sox are truly the feel-good story of the year.

And today in the paper Kenny Williams mentions how he never wants to go home in October because he feels he’s failed the millions of White Sox fans. I love the tenacity he brings to his job and the reminder that indeed there are MILLIONS of us out there. All-Star Pods is just the latest reminder of that.

Congrats to Pods. He deserves to be there. Congrats to all the Sox fans who put so much time and effort into voting Pods in, particularly the fans at Even though most people won’t give the members of WSI enough credit, they are the ones who truly helped make this possible. Many of the WSI diehards put in several thousands of votes. All you have to do is browse through the thread about voting Podsednik in and you’ll see the type of dedication the members at WSI had to doing this.

i heard this rumor that in highschool mark buehrle got cut from the varsity team what is that hes a saint how cuold he not make it

The White Sox organization has further destroyed the concept of the All-Star Game when they commercialized the voting for the last AL player, i.e. Scot Podsednik, with their last minute campaign. Sign autos for 2 hours!?!??!?!?!?!

If other owners are to follow suit in the future, then the ASG will become meaningless, especailly if the Yankees start tossing around their $’s.

Way to go White Sox management…you started a mess……………

The White Sox organization has NOT destroyed the concept of the All-Star Game!!! The fans, players, etc. will vote for whoever they want and that was a ridiculous thing to say. The Yankees already “toss” their money around as it is and they don’t have much respect. Look at our payroll compared to the Yankees and then compare the winning percentages this year. The White Sox are a high class ball cluba and they were just showing that by backing Pods and supporting him. I hope you would change your mind on this because the Sox are having a special season backing Pods like that is an example of that.

Wakeup already….the White Sox organzation bought his way into the All-Star game. His stats are no way deserving of the others on the ballot.
Wait until next year when the clubs follow the example set this year by the White Sox.

So be it then, I look forward to seeing that next year. Have a great year being a hater.

what the heck podsednik definitely deserved making the all star team hes an amazing player and he is a really good starter and btw youre just saying that because the cubs are having an off year and the sox arent so keep your hater mouth outta here.thank you.

Vanush is RIGHT…..All of you should wake up and stop fantasizing that Scotty’s great. His stats don’t come close to others playing his position, like Matsui. Face it already…the Sox bought his way into the AS game.

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