PreGame Notes

July 8, 2005


Pods, CF … Harris, 2B … Everett, DH … Konerko, 1B … Pierzynski, C … Dye, RF … Perez, LF … Crede, 3B … Uribe, SS … Garland, P

Photo Shoot

Before today’s game, Mark Buehrle, Scott Podsednik, Jermaine Dye, Cliff Politte, Juan Uribe and Tadahito Iguchi all posed for a photo spread on the White Sox in an upcoming edition of ESPN The Magazine.  Each photo depicts a current Sox player in a setting from one our club’s marketing promotions.  Pods and Buehrle are in Go-Karts on the Pontiac Fundamentals Deck, while the other four are dressed as Beatles from the Sgt. Pepper album cover.

Dustin Hermanson is currently posing as Elvis.  Tomorrow, Paul Konerko and his two dogs will be photgraphed sitting in the stands, Aaron Rowand, his daughter and some kids will take a shower on the outfield concourse and AJ Pierzynski will help some senior Sox fans — including a few celebrities — around the bases.  Look for the shots in an upcoming edition of the mag.


awesome i can’t wait to get my copy.

does anyone else think that pierzynski has to rate up there as one of the most underappreciated players in the mlb through the first half?

I want to talk about this home run derby. Let’s see… Ivan Rodriguez FIVE HRS. Ridiculous, can we see some real hitters instead of a victim of the steroid scandal stuggling to hit balls out? It is laughable some of the contestants we se here, all for some hokey idea that MLB wants to pan off the fans that don’t pay close enough attention. We need more David Ortiz’s, and less Pudge’s and Jason Bays. This is the HOME RUN DERBY, and that’s what we want to see, at least I thought.

I’m in agreement about this ridiculous homerun derby. I’m definitely not feeling half the guys in the contest. Seriously… Hee Seop Choi? You have got to be kidding me! I really dislike the Indians, but how about Travis Hafner in this contest? The man is a beast! Or how about “The Big Donkey” Adam Dunn? I will laugh at MLB if some schmoe hits 2-3 HR’s to win this thing.

nobody will win with 2-3 hr’s…regardless of the fact that Bay, Choi and IRod aren’t exactly huge power guys right now, they do have 5 great HR hitters in Lee, Ortiz, Abreu, Jones and Texeira.

Not gonna lie though, watching Pujols and Manny etc. go at it was always fun.

I wanna see someone hit one into the fundamentals at the cell.

This ESPN article seems worrisome to me. Chances are the angle will be that the White Sox can’t fill their stadium without turning it into an amusement park and sticking their best players in go carts. I hope not, but that’s what we’re used to.

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