Sunday Sox

Uribe’s Gaffe

Ozzie_2Many readers sent me notes about Juan Uribe’s standing at home plate after hitting the eighth inning fly ball last night.  Most also applauded Ozzie Guillen’s action (removing Uribe from the game).  From what I have heard, the message was sent loudly and clearly.  My guess is that if Joe Crede was available to play third base today, Pablo Ozuna would have started at shortstop.

I think it was clear to all — Juan, players, media and we hope, fans — that actions like that will not be tolerated by Ozzie.  Message sent.

All-Star Break R & R

Players are heading in all directions following today’s game … Detroit, Florida (weather permitting), Lake Geneva or to sleep.  Tadahito Iguchi was pleasantly surprised to hear that the team did not have mandatory workouts during the break as they did each day off in Japan.

Bumps and Bruises

Players are looking forward to the next three days as a chance to re-energize and let the physcial bumps and bruises heal a bit.  Joe Crede has been struggling with a sore/stiff back, and Aaron Rowand has been playing with a stiff neck/shoulder he suffered when sliding into second base a few games ago.

Each day, Herm Schneider, our head trainer provides Ken Williams and Ozzie Guillen with a medical report on all of our players, along with their status for the day’s game.  What I have learned over the years is that when you question why a certain player isn’t in the game, or isn’t used in a situation where the game dictates, it generally is because of an injury.  Sometimes these are injuries the media (and the opposition) are aware of, sometimes not.

Game In Progress

As I have written this post, we tied the game and are now in extra innings.  This is the second time I have sat down to write in-game, and we have come back both times.  I am going to continue writing this as we play through extra innings … call me superstitious, but whatever works …

… or doesn’t.  We lost, 9-8.


Many of us are going to play in the Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities golf outing tomorrow.  The CBCC outing, which each year generates thousands of dollars to Children’s Memorial Hospital and other great causes that fight cancer, is a tremendous event and baseball celebrities from around Chicagoland willingly take part.  White Sox great Bill Pierce does all the legwork for the outing each year, just another reason this guy is a Hall of Famer to anyone who knows him.



I was wondering about the World Baseball Classic to be held next spring. As of right now, which team will have the most White Sox representative?

i doubt we will find that out until next year maybe a few weeks or days before the start since teams will be drafting players and wouldnt know how well everyone would be still playing.

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