All-Star Game Thoughts



I have to confess … in the past I have not been a big fan of the All-Star Game.  We are always so busy during the middle of the season that three days "off" in July were always a great breather.  I found it hard to sit and watch a game that often took a very long time to play.

That changed in 2003 when we hosted the game.  I guess "This Time It Counts" worked in attracting my attention.  And now that the American League won last night’s game, home field advantage belongs to our league.

All-Star Party

We had a few friends over to our house to watch the game and the party atmosphere was great.  How terrific was it to see Mark Buehrle punch out three guys in his 2.0 IP.  A couple of balls were hit hard, but I felt Mark set the tone for the night in terms of an AL win and pace of the game.  I wonder how the voting went, but you could have named him MVP.

Introductions are often one of the best things at an ASG.  What a sense of pride when four Sox were introduced.

Newspaper Ad

If you haven’t seen them yet, we ran half-page ads in the Sun-Times and Tribune this morning congratulating our All-Stars.  Take a look.  Kudos to the guys at Two by Four for coming up with the concept.

Coming Up

After the break we open at Cleveland (four games), home vs. Detroit (3) and home against Boston (3).  Ten tough games to open the second half.  Ticket sales for the coming homestand are very strong, so I would encourage anyone planning to come out to get your tickets in advance … soon.  Tickets do remain for the Friday and Sunday Red Sox contests, so come out.

Best Stat

That I heard this morning on ESPN Radio … 16 of the last 19 World Series winners had home field advantage.


It’s a little hard to buy the tickets I want when the VIP areas haven’t been released yet. Obviously season ticket holders rate below bandwagon corporations. I’m getting to the point where I’ll be willing to eat the $400 deposit for next year and not re-up.

Whoa. Watchout. An unhappy VIP.

I thought our guys did great last night. It was beautiful seeing Buehrle strike out Derek Lee, and even though Garland gave up a couple of walks, it was nice to see him work himself out of that jam. We’re so lucky, Sox fans, to be alive to witness 2005.

Off topic a litte. When player travels to the ASG do they take their uniform and all of there equipment with them? Is there one equipment manager for the game or do players travel with some sort of entourage that handles that stuff for them?

I am truly excited to start the second half of the season. I hope we keep up the intensity that we have had throughout the year and capitolize on that heading into the playoffs. The Twins are getting me a little nervous though, a good ball club this year that could make an interesting division run towards the end of the season. Let’s hope we can hold the off though! Good Luck ChiSox during the second half of a special year.

It anyone’s interested, VIP areas (Premium Lower Box, Club level) were relased for the Detroit series this (Friday) morning.

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