Postgame Fireworks

Monday, July 18, 10:12 pm

Turning the Tables

What a night!  Full house, Tigers take the early lead and then bam … Joe Crede changes the entire dimension of the game.  You need to add this to the list of games where you just might say, "something special is happening this year."

Three cool things from tonight’s game … the 37,000-plus sellout crowd serenading Detroit’s parting pitcher with "Hey-Hey-Hey, Goodbye", then singing in unison the chorus from "Halfway There" acappella.  Finally, the crowd demanding a curtain call from Crede (a la the 1977 South Side hitmen) after his blast.


Solid Outing

By El Duque.  He competes and always seems to give us a chance to win games he starts.

Class Act

Shingo Takatsu came in early today to clean out his locker in the clubhouse.  His professionalism and smile will be missed, but we just were not able to get him the innings he needed to stay sharp.  Bobby Jenks has the ability to possibly be an impact-type bullpen guy, so the choice, while difficult, was made.

The other tough call came on Ross Gload.  There certainly are times we need his left-handed bat and his ability to spell PK at first base, but for now he will continue to play his way back into shape at Class AAA Charlotte.

Magglio’s Return

A lot of pregame speculationMaggs about the return of Magglio Ordonez to USCF.  Ozzie Guillen and Ken Williams low-keyed any issues with their pregame comments, although Ozzie mentioned that having the first media question be about Magglio would be an insult to the 25 guys who have helped make this a first-place team.  Comments I heard from Magglio seemed very reserved, as well.  Magglio and Jerry Reinsdorf met behind the batting cage before the game.

Thank You Fans

Not sure everyone saw it, but Jerry sent an email to all our registered users on Thursday thanking Sox fans for their great support this season.  It also was posted on the main page of  Tonight was the eighth sellout of the season, two behind last year’s franchise record 10. Here are upcoming promotions. 

Missing Me

I apologize for falling short this weekend with updates. Soxbriefcase Things were busy and my wireless card did not make it into my briefcase for the trip home.  I do appreciate that some of you were concerned about my health/whereabouts, or at least pretended to be … thanks.


thank god it’s easy to pretend online…haha.

Whaddya know – a sellout against the lowly Tigers. Let’s hope that shuts a few Northsiders up. I’m having flashbacks to ’03, when Crede won the game on a walkoff homer against Urbina and the Tigers in front of a sellout crowd. I’m really glad that he, and the rest of our guys, was able to deliver for an expectant packed house. A very, very good win.

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