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Tuesday, July 19, 2005, 9:15 am

Challenging Me

Just so you know, I rarely am aware of what day or date it is, so your Groundhogday_2request to begin putting day, date and time at the top of each post is just another thing for me to screw up.  With a game everyday, baseball can really become like the movie "Groundhog Day."  You wake up, come to the ballpark, go through your day — from 9 am to 1 pm you try to get business done, meetings, phone calls, etc. — from 1 pm to 7 pm you are dealing with the clubhouse, media, etc., from 7-10 is the game, and then from 10-11 pm is wrapup and postgame stuff.  Somewhere in there I try to post to the blog.  Then, you go home, spend an hour catching up with my wife about the kids (who are long asleep) before going to bed and doing it all over again the next day.  No sympathy, I have a passion for baseball, the White Sox and my job, but I just don’t always know what day it is.  I am pretty good about the month thing, though.


With last night’s 7-5 win, we have captured five straight and 11 in a row over American League Central opponents.  The Sox are a season-high 33 games over .500, the high-water mark on the season, and the franchise’s best since finishing the 1983 season at 99-63.  We are an amazing 31-5 against the division.

Attedance Figures

While tonight’s crowd is expected to probably be in the mid to high 20,000s, attendance for the other five games on this homestand will be terrific.  Wednesday’s day game against the Tigers is into the high 30,000s.  All four games against the Red Sox are doing well.  Saturday is very close to a sell out, but tickets do remain for Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  If you are planning to come out, act now.  Right now, in terms of tickets sold, this year already ranks as the seventh best in franchise history.  Where are all the positive Sox attendance stories?

Last night was the eighth sellout of the season, two short of the franchise record, set last season.  We have enjoyed 15 crowds of 30,000-plus and are averaging 31,897 fans over the last 19 home games.

Good Reading

I can’t speak for everyone, but I really enjoyed reading that story about wind currents at Wrigley Field this morning on the back page of the Trib.  No, really, I did.  Especially with the Cubs out of town and all … seemed appropriate.

In an attempt to balance my sarcasm, Melissa Isaacson did a very nice piece on Bobby Jenks over the weekend in the Trib.  You should check that out.

World Baseball Classic

A reader asked about how the White Sox roster might break dowWbcn along national lines for next March’s World Baseball Classic, so I did a quick list:

United States (16):  Buehrle, Cotts, Garland, Hermanson, Jenks, Politte, A.J., Crede, Harris, Konerko, Thomas, Dye, Everett, Pods, Rowand, Widger.

Venezuela (1): Garcia.

Dominican (5):  Marte, Vizcaino, Uribe, Perez, Ozuna.

Japan (1):  Iguchi.

Cuba (2):  Contreras, Hernandez.

And, believe it or not, it adds up to 25.


For those of you have wondered … Ozzie admitted yesterday that Dustin’s back is bugging him some.  It’s nice to have space (13 game lead) and time (it’s July something or other) to let guys recover from bumps and bruises without pushing them back into games.  I think I mentioned on a previous blog that when the situation calls for a certain player and a manager doesn’t use him (which often brings about loads of criticism from radio talk shows), there usually is a very good (and health related) reason.


Did anyone, besides me, notice that Joe Crede was not wearing batting gloves last night? I don’t recall ever seeing Crede NOT wear batting gloves. It was nice to see Joe go 2 for 3 without them. I bet he does not wear them tonight either.

Thanks for posting the day, date, and time at the top of the entries. I like it a lot. I can relate to your problem knowing the day and date; I have it too. I guess that’s why I appealed for dates at the top of the entries. Anyway, thanks for listening.

Big line for tickets this morning as I rode my bike past the stadium on the way to work. I wouldn’t be surprised by a massive walk-up.

Oh yeah, and wind currents at Wrigley are big news for the Tribune… since they own the stadium. Maybe not so fascinating for the rest of us, though.

Don’t worry, we the fans have taken notice and are making sure to spread the word. It is all over the message boards. Keep up the good work guys.

I love the best thing to being a White Sox Insider. Is there a place to get a complete list of the Grinder Rules? I saw the new commercial last night about the Dept of Immigration and about fell out of my chair laughing! THANKS FOR POSTING!

Somewhat off topic but who at the Sox organixation is responsible for putting together the Press Pass notes available on The Sox always seem to be one of the last teams to add theirs and sometimes, they don’t have any at all. For example, this last weekend’s games on July 16 and 17 had no notes. Were any even prepared? If so, why aren’t they available on

Just curious. Keep up the good work!

Best thing about last night’s game. 4 kids in left field with Detroit written across their chest and wearing Tiger masks… I was ribbing them for a while, giving them some O-E-O Magglio’s… they kept telling me to look at the scoreboard. I told them to wait til the 7th. Sure enough, they witnessed the mystique of the Sox season. They were gone by the top of the 8th. Let’s get another tonight guys!

Hey I was at the game last night! AMAZING!!! Something bothered me though….I noticed two new pioneer advertisements on the center field walls and I didnt know when those were put in….I know its not a big deal but i dont want our fences to become advertising havens like little league fields….have u ever watched major league baseball two….where the indians owner sold the outfield walls for advertisers….dont do that guys….with the good crowds this year I dont think u will need to try that hard to generate money…

HELP! I will pay $100 for a tape of Monday’s Sox/Tigers game if you have it. I was on tv and am trying to get a copy of this tape. I tried’s digital download service and the goobers had the detroit feed. I tried the tv station and the sox and neither one will provide it.

Please email me if you have this tape and will send it to me! We can arrange payment.

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