Pregame Info

Thursday, July 21, 2005, 1 pm

Tonight’s Lineup Against the Red Sox

Pods, LF … Iguchi, 2B … Everett, DH … Konerko, 1B … Rowand, CF … Dye, RF … Pierzynski, C … Crede, 3B … Uribe, SS … Buehrle, LHP.

Joe Crede’s Hands

Someone on the blog asked, so I checked with Joe about his not wearing batting gloves …

He was surprised anyone noticed, but he made the change before Monday’s game at the suggestion of Paul Konerko.  The change was based more on superstition and changing his routine than anything baseball related.  Given how he has been swinging the bat the last few days, my guess is he will remain bare-handed for awhile.

Grinder Rules

Someone else asked about a list of "Grinder Rules."  For those of you living outside the Chicago area, a portion of our advertising campaign this summer has focused on Grinder Rules.  Our team tries to represent the values of Chicago and Chicagoans:  you work hard, show up on time every day, take pride in what you do and let others do the talking (like, in some cases, Ozzie) … You do that, you are a "Grinder."  A couple of years ago, Ken Williams explained that those were the type of players he was hoping to get for his team because he felt like you win with those types of people/players.

Anyway, the idea by Two by Four, our advertising agency, was to create fun (yet reinforcing) Grinder Rules and use these in our campaign (which has been well received, by the way).  So you have seen these in television spots, on billboards, on the sides of buses, in radio commercials … hopefully, everywhere.

So someone asked for a list of Grinder Rules.  As a trick to make everyone keep coming back to this blog, I am going to list a few a day.  I would love to hear what readers think of them (and if you and your friends come up with any of your own).

Grinder Rule #1 … Win.  Or die trying.

Grinder Rule #11 … When jumping on the White Sox band wagon, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, keep your hands and arms inside the wagon at any time.

Grinder Rule #23 … When all is said and done, make sure you done more than you said.

Grinder Rule #39 … Be a Man.  Play like a Boy.

Grinder Rule #45 … Respect the past, people who are shoeless, and anyone named Joe.

Battle of the Sox

Since the start of 2003, 13 of the 15 games between the White Sox and Red Sox have been decided by three runs or less, 10 by two runs or less and seven by one run … we have gone extra innings twice … the Red Sox have won six straight games in Chicago, so something needs to change.


hello!i love the grinder rules you have put on for today and thanks for the information about the ticket sales for this weekend’s series vs. the red sox. That’s amazing that we are going to sell out 6 out of the 7 home games for this homestand. Let’s win the series and keep up the attendance! Go Sox!! -annie

I just heard that Ross Gload was recalled from AAA Charlotte because Frank is hurt. Is he on the DL, or were Timo Perez or Willie Harris sent down?

send frank to the moon

Thanks for replying on the “grinder rules”. They are creative, and really show the spirit with which this team plays. My favorite (I don’t recall the number) is a new commercial.. To play grinder ball, you need speed, defense, discipline, and the Department of Immigration. What a fantastic melting pot we have!!! Dawn

Are the Grinder Rules available to purchase anywhere? I think it would be great to see them all together, but I can’t find them anywhere! Thanks!

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