Morning News

Friday, July 21, 2005, 11:59 am

Attendance Notes

We came close but fell short of a sellout last night.  A few thousand tickets do remain for tonight’s game (as well as Sunday), so if you are thinking about attending, go on-line now to purchase. 


We will know sometime early this afternoon if Frank Thomas has to go on the disabled list with inflammation in his left ankle.  If so, Ross will be added to the roster in time for tonight’s game.


Those insect bites on JermaineSpidey Dye’s leg evidently came from a spider while the team was in Cleveland.  According to Ken Williams, Dye’s leg looks "grotesque" from the multiple bites, which have become infected.  He may still be available tonight depending on how he responds to medicine. 


I bet Glenallen Hill is glad that it was Jermaine Dye that got bit and not him.

P.S. Dear Sox, get your head out of your @$$ and start playing baseball like you can!!!


Frustrated Sox Fan

We should get the word out that it’s a series of spider bites and not just an insect bite. spider bite sounds a lot more serious, and it’s a lot harder for radio yaks to make fun of him if he’s got spider bites.

Can any one tell me why ozzie loves Timo so much?????? He is very slow as a runner and at best he is a below average hitter…

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