Checking For Media

Tuesday, July 26, 2005, 4:35 pm

Fact Checking

After reading an email by a reader (who posted at about 4 pm), I went outside to check and see if, indeed, there were cameras and media people outside the ballpark.  Other than getting blown sideways — I swear the area at Gate 4 of the ballpark might be the windiest in Chicago — I did not see a thing.

And usually (not always), I would know about this stuff in advance.

Corey McPherrin of FOX 32 was supposedly out here earlier taping another promo, and there is a driving school underway in the parking lot at Gate 5, but other than that, I did not see a thing.

Ken Williams was here earlier, and it looked like his car was gone from the lot, so I am not really sure about that earlier media sighting.  Do call me if you hear anything because sometimes I am the last to hear.


thanks for checking scott.

Yeah, thanks a lot. I spent the last hour of my life poring over a (funny) thread in which the original poster suggested such a press conference was scheduled. Good times🙂.

yea ive been staring blankly at my stats teacher thinking about all the different possibilities…hmmm now what will I do for the next 2 hours

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