Pregame Thoughts

Tuesday, July 26, 2005, 4:52 pm

Random Thought

It sure was nice to see Jermaine Dye back in the lineup — and contributing in a big way — last night.  His loss, along with the Big Hurt, for the Boston series certainly changed the look of our lineup.  Nice to have him back.

I know quite a few people enjoyed a laugh at Jermaine’s spider episode.  Maybe we didn’t do a very good job of stressing that it was the infection that caused the problems, and it was painful.  As Ken Williams described it, the bites went up and down his leg with puss and mucous seeping out.  Antibiotics didn’t seem to do much at first.  At one point, Jermaine was laying on a table in the training room, biting on a towel in pain as they dug into the bites and tried to remove the puss and mucous.  Eventually, he spent a night in the hospital getting more potent medicine.  It was so hot this weekend (and since the wounds were seeping), that there was concern that if we wrapped his leg so that he could play, the mixture of sweat and puss would run down his leg would only make things worse.  Of course he had to slide and hit the wall last night.  Welcome back, Jermaine.

Frankly Speaking

Frank visited his surgeon in Los Angeles today for further evaluation of his sore left ankle.  Herm Schneider will receive an update later today or tomorrow.

Website feedback

Since most of you must frequent our web site, white, and receive our monthly white sox wire emails, I would love to hear your feedback.  What do you like?  Not like?  Find useful? etc.  Let me hear your thoughts.

We sat down with Mark Buehrle recently and then sent out a letter from Mark about his All-Star experience.  To be honest, I was disappointed in the open rate for that email.  Did people see it?  Did you care?  Do you find these communications interesting?

Grinder Rules

Grinder Rule  #6 … The best seat in the house should be determined by the best player in the house.

Grinder Rule #22 … When attending a Chicago White Sox game, don’t blink. (anyone get the reference?)

Grinder Rule #30 … Good enough, isn’t.

Grinder Rule #54 … If you can’t take the heat, get out of the batter’s box.

And yes, there were (are) two #45s.  I am not sure why …


Sorry, but I have not yet received a lineup from Kansas City.  You’ll have to tune in to our pregame show on ESPN Radio 1000 …


I personally enjoy the White Sox wired newsletters. I really love anything pertaining to the White Sox that I can get my hands on. The e-mails from JR, Buehrle are cool to see, because are those things you’re not going to get anywhere else. I’d have to say my favorite e-mail of the year was one of the earlier ones with the videos on favorite foods, etc. from some of the various players. It’s just something different, since you can find the same news everywhere else.

I also enjoyed the buehrle email but I wonder if it counts as an “opened” email if you don’t double click it in outlook express? I often read emails without opening them in a new window and they usually still say “unread”. I actually did open that one though.

I agree with greasywheels. Unique and random player info is always interesting for some people.

The letter from Mark was great! I love all the first hand information from the website and emails. It makes you feel like you are more than “just a fan.” It makes you feel like you are part of the team in a way. I love hearing their stories and finding out random things about them. This team is incredible this year and its nice to have so much information about them available thanks to the website, emails, and especially this blog!! Thanks and keep it up! GO SOX!

maybe some sort of contest could be done using info obtained in the newsletter etc.

I personally like reading any interviews with players, coaching staff or management.

Am I wrong to assume it would be impossible to perhaps have one player do a journal entry once a week that would be sent out by email? I think lots of fans would look forward to hearing the “week in review” from Buehrle or any of the other players for that matter. If it were a SP they could obviously talk about how they thought their start went, what everyone was up to, and share any other interesting stories/news with the fans.

wow sorry I’m posting like 15x but I’m bored and in class. If that “livejournal”-esque idea were possible, maybe players could rotate once a month or so. That way they wouldn’t have to carry that burden for 7 months or what not.

Someone posted the e-mail on a white sox forum i’m involved with, so when I got the e-mail I had already read it so I just deleted it.

WEBSITE FEEDBACK: Like all MLB sites, the Sox site is really busy. I prefer a clean look like the one you attain on this blog. I don’t like all the ads for MLBTV and Gameday Audio and other stuff for sale. I don’t like the highlight videos starting up on their own this year. Often I just go to the homepage to get somewhere else. I do like the preview of the next pitching matchup, and the news links. I think links to outside publications that write on the Sox might be fun, atlhough we all know some of that stuff is quite dubious. The MLB fan forums are a disaster. People are rude and fans from other teams are constantly poisoning the atmosphere. I prefer the civility in discussion at this blog. Thanks for asking.

I really wish Iguchi could play more often.

I really have loved this blog and I think it has been a great public relations move by the White Sox. Since the Chicago media won’t make you more accessible you went ahead and did it yourself. Kudos.

Question… How often do Communications/Marketing/Public Relations positions open up at the White Sox? I am in my second year out of school and I have a couple years of marketing/public relations experience and it had always been a dream of mine to work for the Chicago White Sox. Are you the person to contact about that?

I love the emails from the sox and I agree with what was said earlier we should have a weekly journal entry from a certain player.

A section where you could submit questions would be nice. Just general questions about things like favorite movies, music, or just questions regarding baseball etc. I’ve seen this done with bands and it gets people really involved and much more intimate with the team.

I’m sooo addicted. I can’t stop coming to the site and looking for an update from Scott!!! should I seek help? 🙂

I love the emails🙂 Is there anyway to find newsletters sent out previously?

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