Off Day Story

Thursday, July 28, 4:40 pm

Off Day News and Notes

Sorry to not post yesterday.  I was a late fill-in at the Catholic Charities GoNunhabitlf Outing at Cog Hill.  Great cause and a great time. The best part of the day was the "Beat the Nun" competition at the Par 3 second hole.  She stood up on the tee in full habit hitting practice shots into the cornfield as priests and other nunes stood by and watched.  I knew we were in trouble.  It also was the sister’s birthday, so what chance did we have against God and good karma?

Of course, she stuck her shot, five feet from the cup.  No one came close to beating her.  She claimed that in her 45 years of playing golf, she never had a hole in one.  I guess you had to believe her with her being a nun and all.

So anyway, I did not post and caught the last few innings in the clubhouse and on the drive home. You just had that sinking feeling didn’t you?

Shingo Time

We did option Shingo to Class AAA Charlotte today.  He has three days to report.  I was surprised that no one was interested in his services in the major leagues.  I would think someone would have wanted a specialty right-hander.

Frank NewsFrank_1

Nothing new to report on Frank.  He underwent tests in Los Angeles with Dr. Ferkel.  The plan was to have Dr. Ferkel compare notes with Herm Schneider.  I am hopeful we will know more by game time tomorrow.


Ken Williams keeps working the phones.  I think you all realize how intense and wound up he is regularly, so imagine now.  He doesn’t seem to sleep much.  After making a round of calls, he often goes to work out and burn off energy instead of sitting by the phone going stir crazy.  The calls continue …

Much Thanks

For all the feedback on our website from Tuesday.  I sent it along to our person in charge of the site, and he was looking into making some of your recommendations a reality.

Late Arrival

With the long game and some travel delays yesterday, I guess the team did not arrive in Baltimore until very late.  After traveling for many, many years, you can’t imagine how tough it is and how much of a burden it puts on your body (and I never had to play).  Off days are invaluable.


Sorry, I received a few complaints from friends about my graphic description of Dye’s sore leg.  Didn’t mean to upset anyone’s lunch.

Good Cause

A young girl on the South Side — I think she is going into the eighth grade — is collecting socks to send to our soldiers in Iraq as her community service project.  We heard about it and thought it was a no brainer to offer support.  Saturday, Southpaw is going to take down 500 pairs of White Sox socks to add to her collection.  I will try to get an address for tomorrow, but if anyone knows details, post them.  I encourage everyone to donate if you can.

I will save the Grinder Rules update for tomorrow.



Great Posts! You are truly lucky to be involved with a Major League Baseball Team. At a young age would you have ever thought that? Once again, Great Blog and GO WHITESOX!

Sean Furlow

Carbondale, Illinois

To piggy-back on the last post, I can’t imagine a ‘cooler’ job that being involved on a daily basis with the White Sox organization. I’m a huge fan, and have been told that eventhough I’m a female, I know more about the game than most. My husband insists I should be a guest commentator with Hawk and DJ, as I tend to make the same points they do. Not having a degree in anything related to sports or marketing, and having no experience…so much for this psych degree; what are the odds that I could find a position inside the White Sox organization? GO SOX, and thanks for the insight, Scott.

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