Friday Sox

Friday, July 29, 2005, 2:00 pm

Frank Thomas News

The tests on Frank’s sore left foot came back and the news is not good.  He suffered a second fracture, which most likely means his season is over.  Check out for the press release and a statement by Dr. Richard Ferkel (FT’s surgeon).  Sad news.  I feel for Frank because we all know how hard he worked to come back this year.  He’s really only enjoyed two full years of production (2002-03) in the last five (and hit 70 home runs with 197 RBI in those two years).

Sock Collection

For those interested, here are the details on the sock collection to aid U.S. military personnel in Iraq.  Amanda will be at the Walgreen’s on 95th Street in Oak Lawn (4740 W. 95th) from 9-4 pm tomorrow (Saturday), collecting socks.  Southpaw will deliver 250 pair at 1 pm.

Jobs in Baseball

When I have  a little more time, I will pass along the details of how best to acquire a job in baseball.  It does depend upon your vocation, but it certainly helps to have a passion for the game, a willingness to commit long hours to your career and a willingness to understand that you are going to sacrifice quite a few things your friends enjoy … like summer.

A few years ago, I took my family home to my parents for July 4th because the team was on the road and I was not travelling.  As we talked over the grill, I tried to remember the last July 4th I celebrated with my family.  It had been nearly 10 years.  For a decade, July 4ths were spent in hotels on the road (one year I remember we were in Toronto, which was strange) or at ballparks somewhere.  Again, no complaints, I chose this career and love it, but you do have to understand what a career in baseball means.  One year (1995 when spring training went on forever because of the strike), I think I was away from home over 200 nights.  It’s great.  It’s exciting, but it can get old.

Grinder Rules

Grinder Rule #7 … Grinder ball requires speed, defense and discipline.  And immigration.

Grinder Rule #10 … Only one statistic matters:  W.

Grinder Rule #25 … A good outfielder doesn’t see the wall.  He tastes it.

Grinder Rule #26 … Your hitting should serve as a warning.  To low-flying aircraft.

Grinder Rule #28 … Always give fans something they can take away from the game.  Like the other team’s pride.


Obviously this is being beat to death but I’m really interested in attempting to get an internship in the professional sports industry. I’m starting my junior year at NIU and have been scouring around but haven’t found much information really. If it is possible though to get any informatin regarding where to apply for internships etc. that would be awesome. I’m a business major but am probably gonna end up going to law school or getting my MBA. Good luck to me huh? haha. Thanks Scott.

OUCH! The news about Frank hurts. What do you guys we tried to trade for another stick in the lineup?

I think we need another bat regardless of frank’s situation…he wasn’t really producing when you look at BA, OBP and SO’s anyway. I wish Soriano could play shortstop. We need offensive production from the left side of the infield really badly.

No Lineup….

If you read the date and time at the top of the post you’ll see that it was at 2pm. Having a definite lineup at that time isn’t very likely.

Scotts the man he can get a projected lineup by then lol. Dont worry scott your doing a great job with this blog I love it.

Scott, we all truly appreciate the job you do. The fact that you do the blog on top of your normal responsibilities is amazing. Keep up the great work.

I’d also love to hear anything about your experience with your career in baseball, if only to decide what to do myself🙂. Thanks again for this great blog.

I suggest that the Sox ask Frank Thomas to throw out the first ball for the first home playoff game. I have a hunch that the building would shake from the applause Sox fans would give the best player in team history.

Having Frank throw out a ball during a home playoff game is a GREAT idea! I wish I would have thought of it. :o)

Thanks for all the info about working in baseball — and the corresponding reality check. Its much appreciated, and something to think about.

Yeah.. I was driving home from work yesterday and was literally banging my head into the steering wheel. Frank adds so much to our lineup, so much presence. But we look ok the last 2 days, a nice bounce back after KC, and Kenny is not shy about making deals if he thinks they will help us. And scott, this is a great blog and I will speak for many others when I say that I would never expect an answer or help direction-wise on how to best get work in baseball. But you have writen about it and answered my questions about it.. Thanks man! go sox

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