Saturday From the Ballpark

Saturday, July 30, 2005, 3:30 pm

In-Game Report

I should be smarter than this, but I began this post in the top of the ninth inning of today’s game at Baltimore.  If we lose this one, then I’m to blame and I will NEVER post in-game again.


I do my best to post them, but it is very difficult some days.  When I am not traveling, I am dependent on my staff member on the road to email me the lineup.  With all that was going on Friday — Frank’s news, a conference call, interviews for FOX Saturday Game of the Week, etc., I did not have time to post it before the game began.  Sorry, my "other job" got in the way, but that will happen on occasion.  I should be fine Sunday, because I plan on being at the ballpark again all day in case we make a deal.  It’s like I am sitting the bullpen waiting for the call.

War Room Report

Ken Williams, Rick Hahn (our assistant GM), the baseball department staff and many of our scouts spent the day in the Baseball Department Conference Room calling other clubs, discussing possible transactions and reviewing all the reports our scouts have compiled on other organizations and other players.

Yesterday, I had a national baseball writer call me and say he kept hearing how frustrated Ken was with other teams being unwilling to discuss and make moves.  As we approach the deadline, teams sometimes become more willing to pull the trigger.


For those interested, Ozzie Guillen is the guest on ESPN’s Sunday Night Conversation.  This obviously has potential to go any direction.  Ozzie will be great … honest, funny, quick-witted, the usual.  But I bet he will be asked about a perceived ESPN bias and might have to battle those national media stereotypes.  Ozzie doesn’t always have great patience for that …

Also, WMAQ-TV Channel 5 is out here now filming a couple’s weRingsdding with Jerry Reinsdorf as officiant.  The wedding is taking place at home plate with the groomsmen and bridesmaids up the baselines.  They have customized bats and everything.  The 200 or so guests are in the Scout Seats.  While he has enjoyed the experience, Jerry has made it very clear he is retiring from the wedding business after today’s ceremony.  I need to ask him tomorrow if the groom slipped him a tip!

Great Sign

When I pulled up in front of the ballpark at noon today, people were in line to purchase tickets for future games. 

Nice Victory

No jinx.  A nice, come-from-behind win and a 2-0 edge in this series. 


should be the best sunday conversation ever

I was in Baltimore on business and happened to see Ozzie in the lobby of my hotel. I of course congratulated him on doing a great job. Well, that is my brush with fame. Oh he also let me take a photo with him and I together. I am 46 years old and still get thrilled by all of this baseball magic.

Scott, there haven’t been any “top plays” posted in a while… know what the deal is?

I missed the Sunday Night Conversation with Ozzie. Was anything interesting said? Does anyone know how to get a transcript / video?

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