Trade Deadline Aftermath

Sunday, July 31, 2005, 3:09 pm

The Phone Didn’t Ring

Not once during the last hour before the trade deadline.  Outgoing calls were made, but nothing came back in return.

The good news is we are pleased with the addition of Geoff Blum to our club, and our competition in the American League did not improve themselves.

A poster, who had read about the unrealistic trade demands that were out there from other teams, asked me to identify the players in our organization who were in high demand.Rowand

I cleared it with Ken Williams, so here they are:  Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland, Freddy Garcia, Damaso Marte, Aaron Rowand, Brandon McCarthy, Brian Anderson, Chris Young and Ryan Sweeney.

I can’t mention our interest in players from other teams because it would be tampering, but it is safe to say KW and our staff pretty much called on everyone you have seen named recently.  The price in talent was just too high.  It didn’t make much sense to improve our bullpen at the steep cost of a starting pitcher from among our big three (Mark-Jon-Freddy).


Huh?  The room erupted when Harold Reynolds of ESPN mentioned the Angels as the best team in the American League right now.  Certainly one of the best teams in the AL (no argument there), Los Angeles has gone 4-6 over its last 10 games.  If we were offended (or just ignored), how does Oakland feel?  When was the last time the A’s lost?


That is absolutely hilarious that teams thought Kenny would trade Buehrle, Garland or Garcia. Every other name on that list (except for Marte, maybe) would only be traded in a blockbuster-type deal, and there really wasn’t much available in that regard when you consider the other sellers’ insanely high demands. Tampa Bay can have fun with Aubrey Huff and Danys Baez for the rest of the year, and Philadelphia can keep Billy Wagner; it’ll be fun for Chuck LaMar and Ed Wade to be playing golf come October, I’m sure.

As for the ESPN (non)-mention…when have the White Sox ever gotten positive national media attention the entire season? I don’t think this will change unless the Sox make an impact in the post season, which is obviously very likely this year.

Yeah, it is amazing that the Sox still aren’t getting any respect from ESPN. On top of Harold saying the Angels are the best, not one of those guys said the Sox were the team to watch out for in October. At least we are on ESPN tonight.
Check out my blog called “Sox Pride” and keep this one going because it is nice to have a lot of good information coming directly from the team instead of through the media. Great Blog!

I would love to be a fly on a the wall while the discussions go down just to see how they happen.

Thanks for responding so soon to my inquiry, Scott. I never thought that there would be a way to have my questions answered by a member of the Sox. It’s really great.

The Angels finished July at 13-14. If the Sox win tonight, the will have a 15-11 July record. Crazy HR comment yet again. The A’s were 19-7.

Update: The Angels just lost again (losing the series to the Yankees) and the A’s won again. The division lead is now only 1.5 games. Uhh, Harold, who is the best team in the AL right now?

Again, Scott, thanks so much for the inside information.

There are several teams that do not want to make the White Sox a stronger ball club, however I too think it is crazy what these teams were trying to prye away from the White Sox. I don’t understand how a team like the Pirates could hand talent to the Cubs a team above them in their own division.


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