Early Morning Wednesday

Wednesday, August 3, 11:15 am

Odds and EndsBlum

As you all saw last night, Geoff Blum is wearing uniform No. 27.  He seems like a great guy and then went out and made some very nice plays at third base.

Ken Williams explained before last night’s game that we deferred to Shingo as to what he wanted to do, and he preferred we release him (so that hopefully he can catch on with another team) as opposed to heading to Class AAA Charlotte.  Shingo is a true class act, and Kenny really wanted to make sure we took care of him.

I received a call today from ESPN The Magazine that the edition is out.  Not sure how long it will take to get to newstands, but should be days.  A couple of other national publications are out this week to do stories on Buehrle/Garland and Pods.

The players all brought in donations to help Allen Thomas and his family get through the next few days/weeks until insurance kicks in.  We aren’t sure when Allen will be back with the team.  I know he appreciates all the well wishes.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.

We did send a celebratory cake up to John Rooney and Ed Farmer last night.  If you missed it, USA Today just named them the best radio broadcasting crew in the American League and second only to Vin Scully et al in LA.  Congrats. It was Carrot Cake, a speciality of Levy Restaurants.Doubleduty

Also, please pass along your thoughts and prayers for Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe (right), former Negro League star and regular attendee of Sox games.  Double, who is 102 years old (or something right around there give or take), is battling some health issues and is at Mercy Hospital.  Our thoughts are with him.  What a great fan of baseball and what a friend to many of our players …


Scott can you fill us in on exactly how close you were to getting griffey.

Dont ask him that ****. You know he cant answer it and it only deturs him from continuing in being so good with responding to our feedback.

I only found out about Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe being a Sox fan on his 100th birthday, when he threw-out the first pitch at a Sox game – which I believe he’s done each year since then. It seems he’s always up behind the plate in his wheelchair, checking out a game. We could sure use him back at the park, just to be with the team for THIS SEASON…

Congrats to Geoff Blum for getting a hit in his first at bat as a White Sox. He played a pretty good 3rd base too. Go Go White Sox!!!

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