Wednesday, August 3, 2005, 3:25 pm

Sorry to Disappoint

We can’t really respond to rumors about players.  If we do, even to deny, then it quickly becomes apparent to observant media and fans when something has some truth to it.  Also, commenting about players on other teams (do we like them, do want want to acquire them, etc.) is tampering.  Tampering by anyone at a Major League team (including me) is taken very seriously by MLB (ie fines … and I don’t get paid that much) and rightly so.  Ken Williams is also very concerned with tampering and is always very hesitant to comment.

He did say, and continues to say, that if there is a player out there who you might think would have made a difference on our team or would have been a good fit, it is pretty safe to say that we would have inquired about his availability sometime in the past two months.  Sometimes, those inquires by Ken and his staff lead to more substantitive conversations, sometimes not.  But he is always talking to other teams.

ESPN The Magazine

Is out.  The shots look great.  The guys in the clubhouse were laughing about them and talking about them.  Aaron Rowand is pretty proud of his daughter, Tatum.

This is the issue with David Beckham on the cover.


What’s up with Aaron’s daughter? Is she mentioned in the article or something? Just wondering because you mentioned her in your comments today. I’m going to get the magazine after work today!

she is in one of the photo’s with Aaron and some other’s in one of the outfield showers I think.

Don’t worry, Scott. We know what you are talking about with tampering rules. Let’s just say that if a certain player with the initials of KGJ happened to become a White Sox in August, I think all Sox fans would be VERY happy.😉

his initials are actually GKG

Scottypods22, I would NOT say all. Your opinion is fine, but please don’t speak for “all” sox fans.

Ok, how about, “Most Sox fans would be very happy.” Better?🙂

Perhaps I’m just confused. While I was out today I was looking for the magazine and came across two issues one from July 18th and the other from August 1st. Neither issue had David Beckham on the front…can you tell me the date on the issue I should be looking for? Thanks!

It is a shame that the Sox are not owned by a newspaper. That way we could avoid tampering charges by having our reporters ask the players how they would like to player here, how they like Chicago, etc… Does anyone else notice that when a marque FA to-be comes to play the cubs some Cubune reporter is asking them (Damon, Beltran last year) how they would like to play in Chicago?

Just an observation and how I feel………..I am getting very close to not turning the channel to ESPN anymore. They continue to not give respect where respect is due. Every morning I turn on the tube to catch up on the past days sporting events and look forward to seeing the highlights from the White Sox game and if I ever would blink, I would miss it. Does ESPN have something agains’t our White Sox? We have held the best record in baseball every day this season, have a 15 game winner(pitcher), loads of talent and overall, have a great team. But, ESPN continues to overlook the Sox and rarely say anything positive, just negative feedback…..I feel like I’m at work or something. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this because I’m quickly loosing respect for ESPN and it’s commentators.

All year, ESPN has been “The Red Sox and Yankees show.” Even when the Yankees were in fourth place, they got a full 10 minutes every night.

And last night, they must have shown that Manny Ramirez collision ten times.

I would prefer “some sox fans” scottypods…but I’ll live w/ that😉 Thanks🙂

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