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Saturday, August 6, 2005, 4:30 pm

Go-Kart Laps

Ozzie Guillen, Joe Crede, Carl Everett, Tad Iguchi and other Sox players stopped by this morning’s Go-Kart race, which took Redferrari312p_1 place in the parking lot just north of the ballpark.  Dan Roan of WGN-TV won the celebrity race.  All of the players were surprised by the speed the karts reached zooming around the road-race layout.  "I’d like to try it," said Ozzie.  "Venezuelans are good race car drivers."

Iguchi was interested.  At home in Japan, he drives a bright red Ferrari.  "With all the traffic over there and the tight city spaces, how can he drive a Ferrari," said Ozzie as he did an impression of Tad, stopping and starting, stopping and starting.  (It probably was funnier in person than in text, sorry).

Pregame Notes

At 70-38, the 2005 White Sox still lead the 1954 team (69-39) for best start.  We need to win tonight to stay ahead of the ’54 club.

With just 5,000 more tickets sold (give or take a few), we will pass the 1984 club attendance total of 2,136,988 to move into fourth place in franchise history.  We drew 2.93 million in 1991, 2.68 in 1992 and 2.58 in 1993.  We proably won’t reach the ’93 total this season.  This great attendance news doesn’t receive a lot of attention when compared to those Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal pieces of two months ago that asked where all our fans were …

Everyone is well aware that we have dropped 10 of our last 14 at home.  Tonight’s starter, Mark Buehrle, is 7-1 with a 2.01 ERA at USCF this year.

Tonight start’s the final third (54 games) of the season.  Last year, we were 55-53 at this point.

Postgame edit: Make it 8-1 at USCF. A lasting image:


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I’m a little uncomfortable with the whole story line on attendance. It seems very much the kind of story that has been manufactured by the Cubune empire because it’s the only statistic in which they can consistently beat us. And sure, with the Cubs affiliated with a huge media empire like the Tribune Corp., I do think even a politically dubious story line can go national. Thus the Wall Street Journal story. Anwyay, I know attendance is good for the team financially, but I’m not sure it’s the absolute good that everyone seems to think it is. The White Sox home slump (4-10) happens to coincide with the series of sellouts and near sellouts we’ve had at home. I’m not making excuses for them; just expressing reservations. But of course they’re going to have to learn how to win in a sold-out park in order to win in the playoffs.

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