Note To Fans

Friday, August 12, 2005, 6:03 pm

I just read your comments to my last post.  I am so happy to see how much you shared in the excitement of the Yankees series.  The ballpark was electric — as only Yankee Stadium can be — and to beat them Wednesday in a game that obviously meant a lot to them (Mariano Rivera for two innings) was tremendous.  The players were stoked and obviously, so was the team.

To answer a few questions …

Art Berke, a long-time, die-hard White Sox fan (that’s not to say he is old), is the VP of Communications for Sports Illustrated.  He was kind enough to bring out several advance copies of this week’s issue so that we could share them with Podsednik.  I assume by now, everyone has seen it.

The ESPN The Magazine edition is out on newsstands.  David Beckham is on the cover. 

I made reference to a riddle the other day and then forgot to answer it (sorry).  The Chicago Tribune sports section last Sunday had no mention of the Cubs on its front page.  I know people like to bash the Trib, but to be honest, I can’t argue with how they have played the White Sox this season, the number of stories on our club and the length of some of the features.  Sometimes in the past I have had complaints vis-a-vis Cubs coverage, but when you look at how the sports section has covered us this season, I cannot complain.  What do you think?

Finally, I forgot to mention how relaxing and great the train trip up to Boston was on Wednesday night.  A very cool way to travel.  For whatever reasons, the train seemed to be more comfortable and laid back, with more comraderie and socializing than on an airplane.  I know several former players who travelled by train and who claimed that it helped make their team closer.  I can understand that now that I have experienced it.  My compliments to Amtrak and Ed Cassin, our manager of team travel for organizing the ride.



If Chicago’s North Side baseball team was having as good of a year as the White Sox, what kind of media coverage would you expect? I really want to know how the team feels about the slap in the face (or lack of…depending on the view).

I’ve always enjoyed train travel over airplanes. The white noise is soothing rather than overpowering, the seats are more comfortable, and the view is better.

Regarding the ESPN mag article: is there a place we can read it and see the pics online? I briefly checked the ESPN mag website but saw no mention of our boys.

I FINALLY got my copy of the ESPN magazine after looking at about 30 different places. I liked it a lot! Aaron Rowands daughter, Tatum, was adorable! all the guys looked really good and Dustin Hermanson…oh boy that gave me a good laugh. lol i also read the article about scottie in Sports Illustrated and i thought it was a nice article. i was at the entire 3 game series against the yankees and i heard a lot of yankee$ fans talking about how steinbrenner should try and get aaron rowand sometime soon. being new york, they always get what they want…so pass it on to aaron that we don’t ever wanna see him in an NY uniform…we want him to stay with us forever!

While Sox coverage in the Tribune may be brighter than usual, I believe it’s because the paper has little choice. It still protects their commodity (Cubbies) first and serves its true purpose as a newspaper second.

Look at the section after we won the Yankees series. The series win was the thirdmost prominent item of the Sox coverage. More prominently placed were two columns. One discussed Ozzie’s off-color manner of speech, which is cringeworthy but nothing new. Second was a “poll” about whether or not the Sox should trade for known cheater Rafael Palmeiro, which indicated Phil Rogers has us confused with Sammy-adoring Cubbies fans. And, surprise, Rogers managed another Black Sox reference in the column as well.

Even Mark Gonzales’ beat coverage, while solid, betrays negativity more often than not. An example among many was when he wrote in his story lead a month ago that the Sox were “stumbling” into the All-Star break, despite having won six of 10. It’s all relative I guess.

The fact that the paper is so unapologetic to Sox fans’ observations–when it could so easily blow us off “properly” by paying lip service to our concerns and pretending it cares–tells me that there is an agenda, and that agenda only favors the Sox when there is no other possible course of action.

I agree on the Phil Rodgers article. You gotta ask yourself: What the **** is that? Palmiero?? Give us a break. The comment about soso is about right. I love train travel. Just an excellent way to get around.I’m REALLY sick of the black sox ****. Those references are always irrelevent to me.

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