Pregame Tuesday

Tuesday, August 16, 2005, 3:22 pm

Sox Lineup

Perez, LF … Iguchi, 2B … Everett, DH … Konerko, 1B … AJ, C … Rowand, CF … Uribe, SS … Crede, 3B … Anderson, RF … Garcia, RHP.

Big League Debut

Congratulations to Brian Anderson, who makes his major league debut tonight, hitting ninth and playing right field.

Gracious Hosts

Despite recent stumbles, the White Sox are 36-23 (.610) at home in 2005, the fourth-best winning percentage in the American League, but have lost 11 of their last 17 at U.S. Cellular Field since July 8.  The Sox were 30-12 with a .266 average and 3.67 ERA through their first 42 home games, but are hitting .242 with a 4.47 ERA and have been outscored, 66-86, in their current stretch.


Carl Everett is 8-17 (.471) over his last six games and is hitting .455 (10-22) with three home runs and nine RBI vs. Minnesota this season … Paul Konerko has reached base safely in 17 straight games … at 38-19, the White Sox own the best road record in the major leagues and are on pace to win a franchise-record 54.


Yeah, I’m very excited to see Anderson play. I don’t really care how he does at the plate; that will come with time. I really want to see how he does defensively, as he is supposedly a great center fielder and an above average outfielder all around.

How many game must we endure Timo in the lead-off spot? Why hasn’t Rowand been penciled in there at all this year?

And shouldn’t the fact that Anderson’s playing mean we’re spared Timo for the night?

Does Timo have pictures of Ozzie?? If Timo has to play why leadoff? Will we get sometype of statement regarding Timo’s playing time?

Just doesn’t make any sense to have a lead off hitter who is 5 for his last 37. I don’t think he should be playing, but if he has to play does he have to bat lead off?

Considering the progress Joe Borchard is making at Charlotte, my thinking is that a switch hitter might help balance the preponderance of right hand bats in the Sox lineup.

Ozzie had Rowand bat leadoff once this year.

Why not bat iguchi first untill pods gets back? He gets on alot and woudnt have to sacrafic AB so he would get on even more often. Iguchi is the best choice to leadoff. Rowand would be second.

i am able to watch the Sox from afar on, the greatest invention since my dish got scrambled a few years back. it has been a disapointing few weeks and i’ve been a bit nervous even though i know all teams go through some down time, i guess this is ours. i agree that aaron would be a better #1 than timo, but i also am a believer in Ozzie, so i think he is the man at the moment and of course will take the heat for any troubles we have in the playoffs. after Pods comes back i think we will be fine and timo will have the advantage of extra playing time. go sox, and i look forward to wearing my world series t-shirt to spring training in tucson.

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