Tuesday 6:20 PM

Tuesday, August 16, 2005, 6:20 pm

Timo’s Status?

Just so I understand it clearly, how do you guys really feel about Timo leading off?

Joking … just joking.  I will try to find the right moment with Ozzie (it has been a rough week) to ask him about his motivations/lineup.

I do share your enthusiasm for watching BA play tonight.  In spring training he was a very fun player to watch … aggressive, covers a lot of ground, etc.  He certainly fits into the style of play Ozzie/Kenny want.


Two doubles so far tonight for Timo. Ozzie works in mysterious ways.

Well, well, well. Soooo…how do all of the extremely passionate Timo critics feel about him now?? 🙂

As soon as Timo hit the 2 run double, I immediately thought of this post. Too funny.

BTW, love the blog.

I, too, was skeptical of Timo playing…but, apparently Ozzie knows more about what he’s doing than we do🙂 Brian will be a great addition. Personally, and I’m sure this will meet with some controversy, but…I think Crede needs to sit for a bit..his offense has never been strong this year, and he is certainly struggling defensively right now..we know Pablo is solid…let’s shake it up a bit… GO SOX..WE NEED THIS ONE. top of the 12th..-Dawn

Bottom of the 14th now… too bad they took Timo out of the lineup.

Anderson looks like a promising stud. I would like to see him in the lineup every night until Scotty comes back.

I’m optimistic about Anderson..but..in AAA, almost 25 of his at bats were strikeouts…reason to be a bit concerned, BUT I’m staying positive..I like him.

Why exactly was Jon Adkins called up to the majors? his era was over 6 in triple A, He went a good 40 pitches tonight before one of them was missed. He doesn’t belong in the majors.

Adkin’s line for tonight:
1ip 5h 5r 2bb


I still think Timo STINKS!

Bobby Jenks is the man! The more I see of him, the more I like him. That kind of speed and the control seems to be improving…very few in the Majors can hit 100 mph…this kid has a bright career ahead of him.

Doubles aside, Timo still being on the roster confounds me. I love Ozzie, and of course he knows more about what’s going on than I do, but I’d really like to know why exactly Timo is still on the roster, let alone batting first. I’m sure there’s a reason for it, but without any explanation it just befuddles me. I’m sure there are a ton of Sox fans who feel the same: knowing that Ozzie knows what’s going on, but wanting to know why.
I’d also love to know why Kenny Williams brought up John Adkins… there are many better prospects in the farm system and Ozzie almost never uses him… Why not give Jeff Bajenaru a chance? Is it because the team wants him to develop more in the minors rather than sit in the bullpen at the Cell?

They’re very careful about bringing up minor league pitchers too early. Adkins has a lot of major league experience. Sometimes Ozzie gets these guys to perform by giving them responsibility, giving them an occasion to rise to. That obviously didn’t work with Adkins last night. But the whole rest of our bullpen, with the exception of that freakish homerun off of Hermanson, was untouchable last night.

I hoped to come here today and be greeted by the news that Adkins had been optioned back to the Knights. And, yes, one game does not make Timo a winner.

Adkins was called up to fill the need of a long-relief man; someone who could go 3+ innings when needed (like last night…that didn’t work out)…Baj is a 1 inning guy, so he wouldn’t have fit the role. I was against the Adkins callup originally, as I would have liked to see Felix Diaz or Arnie Munoz get another shot; they definitely deserve it over Adkins now.

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