Saturday’s Lineup

Saturday, August 20, 2005, 9:46 am

Today’s Lineup

Perez, LF … Iguchi, 2B … Everett, DH … AJ, C … Rowand, CF … Dye, RF … Crede, 3B … Blum, 1B … Uribe, SS … El Duque.


I really hope Paulie isn’t out for too much longer. I don’t think we can manage with him & Pods out!



A.J. batting 4th again? he batted 3rd in NY whats ozzie doing? why not put Dye or Rowand there


Thank You!!! I LOVE YOU ALREADY!!!!(dont get any ideas man haha im just messin) ur the first person ive heard say the truth besides myself. CREDE averages at least one pop-up and one strike out per game!!!!!!!!!!! SOX get lucky if he only hits 1 of each per game. OMG!!! thanks saadman85 i’ve been talking bout crede for quite a while and finally someone agrees

why not call up willie harris and let him lead off and play center. move aaron to left until podsednick returns…we have to get a lead off man carl, sandiego

why not call up willie harris and let him lead off and play center. move aaron to left until podsednick returns…we have to get a lead off man carl, sandiego

why not call up willie harris and let him lead off and play center. move aaron to left until podsednick returns…we have to get a lead off man carl, sandiego

Has Ozzie called a team meeting yet? This is really getting out of control and I think this is where maybe Ozzie’s inexperience as a manager hurts us…I dont know maybe we should hire cheerleaders or someone to give us a pep talk or just get rid of joe crede

why not call up Jerry Owens? why would u put willie in CF and move Aaron to Left? has willie earned the right to kick aaround out of his position? what has he done? For all i know Aaron is going to win a Gold Glove

These are dark times, we are about to lose 7 in a row, but before we start saying that we need to dump Crede and Timo,and sign Griffey, we should think about what is happening. We are indeed struggling for runs, but what would you expect from a team lacking it’s leadoff hitter, the same hitter who sparked our winning in the first place, and our cleanup hitter. Timo Perez isn’t a good leadoff hitter, but he’s not supposed to be batting leadoff, he’s supposed to being hitting off the bench. Joe Crede has a low average, but he makes up for it by playing very good defense and hitting a good ammount of homers. The team is slumping just like every team does and any team would after having a likely win washed out, a 16-inning game dropped because of a horrific pitcher, and while missing the two most important hitters in the lineup. Podsednik and Konerko will be back in time for the playoffs when the games really matter, better to slump now than then.

Your website has to be the elrtneocic Swiss army knife for this topic.

ur right. Timo is awesome coming off the bench but sine u said we need a leadoff guy, wouldn’t u like to see jerry owens in that role? if not him at least ozuna, hes better than timo

if we brought in griffey he would be a little bit better off the bench then timo perez….ive never really liked him and ok joe crede has a great glove but he is a constant downfall in the offense….we dont want just another home run hitter like crede…i want someone who will consistently get up there and have good at bats i dont mind if hes just a good 3rd baseman and not a great one

that was a well coached game by Manuel, I mean guillein…sorry, it was just so hard to tell the difference between the two today.

I’ve been saying for the past 2 years now that Josh Fields can’t get to the majors fast enough. Crede hits a good amount of homers? Wow, I must think a good amount is a very different value than you do. As far as Timo, I agree with most of you. He’s not a leadoff hitter, but who else do we have? I definitely would like to see Ozuna play more. Also, what about Ross Gload? He is killing the ball at triple-A and was hitting good up here for the few games he played. All in all, the sox are in the playoffs. They just need to get healthy and find some consistency, otherwise we’re looking at another 3 and out.

Timo isn’t the issue, he’s the one who actually gets hits. Everyone else is the one who can’t hit out of a paperbag. Watching at bats of AJ, Rowand, Dye, Crede, Uribe, and lately even Iguchi, has been a dreadful experience, and it really hurts when you’re missing PK, an RBI guy (who has had his share of struggles himself!)

No need to panic though, it’s a slump. It happens. I’d rather be hot in a month then now, when Cleveland will have cooled down

timo can hit?

Seriously guys…chill. The Sox are fine. They need this gut check now instead of 3 weeks from now. Losing *****…but everyone does it. This is the first and last big losing streak of the WHOLE SEASON. Relax…it’s all about to swing the other direction.


It is ABOUT F***ING TIME!!!!!!!

Welcome back 2005 chicago white sox!!!

Why are you putting so much emphasis on offense? This team is clearly driven by defense and solid pitching. I would be hard pressed to find a better third baseman better at defense than Crede.

I had the great privlege of being at the game today- and there are many things I want to comment on- but the most being about Joe Crede-the guys deserves far more credit than is EVER given to him. My point is made clearly in the first play to him today when put in late in the game- an ESPN Top 10 highlight, while being fresh off the bench. He is a huge asset to our team, and not to mention a real classy guy. Overall, a GREAT win today, it was nothing short of thrilling. There will always be rocky times in a 152 game schedule, and of course the White Sox were going to experience their share of it- but have a little faith in these guys, they never fail to amaze us- back to back to back home runs, and then another…there’s nothing to describe the atmosphere during the 4th. Thanks for such a great game guys!

Please teach the rest of these internet hongliaos how to write and research!

This used to be a really cool, chill site where you could find out interesting “insider” information through Scott Reifert…but not so much anymore. I used to love visiting this site and reading the posts, until now. Unfortuantely it has turned into nothing more than a glorified “rag session” on the Sox and the “chosen few” players. I must say that I am disappointed. Sorry Scott, I’m sorry that you’re cool idea to post things as an insider in the organization has been hindered by so much negativity about the team and players. you are so right.

This site is still cool, but it is turning into a sounding board.

Guys, if you want to sound off on several White Sox topics go to

Otherwise, me and several other people that read this blog, want to read about legit updates and info about the Sox.


I agree.

I agree as well. Comments are to comment on things Scott has said or to ask him questions.

Hey Scott,
Do you have any insight to the reports in the NY Daily News about the White Sox forfeiting the rained out Boston game? How could this ever work out with the apparent cconflicts with the CBA?

hi there scott.
is there any chance that you can make sure ozzie posts the following article on the team’s bulletin board or something?

Can you make sure that ozzie shows the white sox the 50 and 50 video not one mention of the white sox. They showed mcdonalds over the cell thats means espn prefers

Mickey d’s > white sox

Actually, comments are for comments, like the one I’m making now. Freedom of speech baby! Got a problem with that, send me an email, or leave a comment at


Are the White Sox gonna comment on the brutal piece that ESPN did on their 50/50 last night when they were supposed to be doing Illinois? I think the Sox should view this as a slight to them and not allow ESPN to televise any of their games, or interview any of their players.

Did anybody on the White Sox see this piece?

What happened on ESPN last night?

I think the best thing Ozzie can do is protect his team away from the comments of a predatory media and lunatic fans. A lotta you only show up to kick the team when it’s down.

Wow..the negative energy is just frightening. Being a fan is about being a fan..sure we don’t always like how things are going, or the decisions that are made, and making your thoughts/feelings known is everyone’s right…However, when it turns to griping/whining/********, that’s unproductive for everyone. I can’t help but wonder if Scott’s lack of recent posts are a direct result. Glad to see our guys back on the winning track.. GO SOX!

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