Tuesday Pregame

Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 6:26 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Ozuna, 3B … Iguchi, 2B … Everett, LF … Konerko, 1B … Rowand, CF … Dye, RF … AJ, C … Uribe, SS … Blum, 1B.  Freddy Garcia takes on Johan Santana in a matchup of Venezuelans.


It would be very nice to snag this game tonight from the Twins and Johan Santana.  Good way to start the road trip.

Today’s Minneapolis Paper

A Minneapolis columnist quotes Twins owner Carl Pohlad as saying "Reinsdorf is squirming."  The columnist contends that the Sox are nervous, as is the city of Chicago, because of our "historic Chicago baseball failure."

When I spoke to Jerry today, he was laughing at the report.  "The only time I spoke to Carl at the owners’ meetings was to say hello," Jerry said.  He chuckled at the use of the word "squirming."  It isn’t a phrase used to describe Jerry very often.

The article was posted in our clubhouse before tonight’s game.

Yesterday’s Report

Just to clarify, our players did not want to "forfeit" the to-be-made-up game with Boston.  The idea is ridiculous.  No one is happy to have to go back to Boston to play the game — whenever it will be re-scheduled — but of course we have to go and we will.  MLB would never let the Sox, or any other team for that matter, just decide not to play, thereby influencing another division or wild card race.  It was silly for anyone to even contemplate this happening.  I spoke to an official at MLB today and we were laughing about it (except about all the media calls we received yesterday as a followup to the report and an ESPN Radio commentary).  A makeup date will be announced soon. 


Scott, what are your thoughts on the Sox not even being mentioned during the 50/50 tour they have been doing. For some sad reason I was not surprised, it was what I have expected from ESPN. I also feel that even if we win it all it will be the select few of all of us that will enjoy it, and the national media will concentrate on why “the other teams” failed in the postseason.

In a weird way, I kind of like it this way.

No Timo in the lineup? We’ve already won.

why is everett playing left field? that dude is SLOW!!! he runs really awkward 2 lol

Unbelivable, Garcia throws his brains out- and one pitch was the difference. This is the kind of game that pisses me off becasue Freddy doesn’t deserve that L. Hope Jermaine is doin ok- heck of a catch he had as well.

Unbelivable, Garcia throws his brains out- and one pitch was the difference. This is the kind of game that pisses me off becasue Freddy doesn’t deserve that L. Hope Jermaine is doin ok- heck of a catch he had as well. Hate a game like this, but tomorrow’s another day.

I feel bad for Garcia he pitched his heart out.

…but we didnt deserve to win with the offense tonight.

Go get em tommrow boys.

i dont know why ppl still have faith in this team, while the sox r gonna have a tough schedule the indians are having one of the easiest and are on fire right now. Dont be surprised if the sox end up winning the wild card or not even making the playoffs at all. dont get me wrong im a huge white sox fan but this offense is really pathetic. I’m starting to grow some gray hairs b’cuz of them 2. The sox should go after Griffey if they dont they dont really care much for them not making the playoffs cuz even if podsednick comes back it wont make a difference. Ozuna had 2 of the sox basehits leading off and stealing a base. But no one to bring him home.

there was a time where i didn’t want the sox to get griffey b’cuz i didn’t want them to give up a lot of good sox prospects. but when u think of it they’re never gonna give them a chance so they should go a different path and actually get a chance to play in the majors and become all-stars. and this is the time Ken Williams should say “Enough is Enough, we need a spark” Thats when griffey comes to the picture

Good Game by Garcia but this offense is pathetic. Who loses a game when they’re pitcher tosses a 1 hitter?

Tough loss..but great game to watch…just need to get back to basics….do what got us here…Ozzie ball… On a very positive note, great article on what WE know to be a stellar part of our team..we love you Gooch! Check out the aritcle at SI.com on AL rookies.

Yeah I’m in Minnesota for the series and tonight was just flat out embarassing. I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to get worried and really pissed off. I updated my blog tonight recaping tonight and the state of the Sox right now. If you are fed up like me right now check it out: http://www.soxpride.mlblogs.com

I don’t see how the game should have been embarassing at all. Our offense struggled sure, but they did it against a Cy Young pitcher who has pitched well against us all year. The defense was solid overall and the pitching was spectacular. Needless to say I would take a performance like that from our pitchers any day of the week. Do not forget that we still have a sizeable lead in the division of 7 games and we lead the AL for home field advantage by 3.5 games (hopefully we can start playing better at home). Adam, I’m sure people that read these comments have already heard about your blog from your comments in the past, please stop advertising it. Though it is nice to hear of fans going out to games when our guys are on the road, keep up the support and don’t panic so much. Like others have said, it is much better for our team to slump now than to slump in the postseason.

lilj815 wrote: “i dont know why ppl still have faith in this team,”

that’s why it’s faith. because you don’t know why.

They’ve seen Johan four times. When will they learn to hit him? They better get after Cy Mays tonight because Cleveland ain’t losing to TB the rest of the year.

I completely agree with rjriddle and psheehan! Now, more than ever, the sox need TRUE fans…fans are supposed to support even when times are rough..not just when things are going well!!

You guys are right, what the Sox need right now is to know that they still have plenty of loyal fans that will back them through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Last year Ross Gload proved he could hit major league pitching. He’s a solid first baseman and last year also played the outfield. Now, after having recovered from a shoulder injury, he’s hitting at least 100 points above anyone on the Sox roster and with power. Yet, he languishes in the minors while we field the likes of Perez and Blum, both batting about 200. Even if Gload’s major league batting average were to dip by 100 points below what he’s hitting at Charlette, he’d still be a top Sox hitter.

Does anyone know why the Sox are unwilling to use him, a proven hitter whom they desperately need?

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