Monday Thoughts

Monday, August 29, 2005 1:27 pm

Today’s Roster MovesPods_1

Jon Adkins and Brian Anderson are optioned to Class AAA Charlotte.  Scott Podsednik is back off the DL (rehab assignment) and Jeff Bajaneru are up for tonight.

Obviously, we will have more moves when the rosters expand on September 1.Bajaneru

Weekend Thoughts

Sorry to not post, but with the time difference and weekend, I did not have a lot of information to share out of Seattle …

A few random thoughts … Brian Anderson really turned on a couple of fastballs … those outings from El Duque and Jose reminded me of April/May.  I am taking them as very good signs … not sure what happened yesterday, but glad we won the first two games of the series before the implosion.

Iguchi The latest edition of Sports Weekly contains a pullout section with Tadahito Iguchi on the cover and includes a very complimentary article about our second baseman.  Momentum seems to be growing for Iguchi when it comes to AL Rookie of the Year honors.  We have been trying to push the bus along somewhat.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by today’s hurricane in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.  New Orleans is a teriffic town — baseball’s winter meetings were there two years ago — and it is sad to see the devastation.  We certainly hope injuries and any deaths are few. (Tracker.)

More Postive Notes

Mark Buehrle, tonight’s starter, is 7-0 with a 2.21 ERA lifetime against the Rangers (2-0, 3.31 ERA at Texas).

Working in Baseball

Some time ago, I promised to pass along to everyone the best way to begin a career in baseball.  Sorry for the delay in doing so, but here it goes …

There are really two routes.  The first is for the high school or college student who knows baseball is the career you want to pursue.

In that case, I recommend that you study in a field that you know you can use in baseball … PR, communications, marketing, business admin, etc …  Graduate school is an option.  When I went to school, sports management programs were rare (or just beginning).  Now, many schools offer programs.  Some focus on professional sports, some on college athletics.  Choose one that works for you.

In the meantime, volunteer to work every sports event, function, etc. that you can.  If you are in college, volunteer at the school’s athletic department, SID office, student newspaper, local media outlets.  What are some events (5K runs, golf tourneys, triathalons, etc) that go on in your town.  How can you be a part?  How can you volunteer and gain the experience?  Prove to us that you have experience selling, promoting or marketing sports on any level.

From this path, the best way to get your foot in the door is to find an internship with a major league team.  Some pay, some do not.  The White Sox do compensate our interns, and we hire many over the course of the year ranging from ticket sales, to guest relations, to purchasing, to baseball operations to media relations (and I probably ommitted some).Wheretogo

An internship is your chance to impress the team and/or connect with others in the industry.  If a job opens up while you are interning, hopefully you have proven your worth and will be first in line.  Many of our former interns are working here or are spread around MLB or in sports.

Internships are probably the most common way to people to enter the industry.  Obviously, it works best for entry level positions.  I suggest sending your resumes out to teams (use the Human Resources person whenever possible) in November/December.  We begin hiring in January and February.

The second way is a little tougher. 

For those looking to switch careers, getting into sports can be daunting.  We often receive letters and resumes from lawyers and other professionals now wanting to work in baseball.  It is a tough road. Openings are rarely posted.  Networking is everything.  My best suggestion is to network, to get to know people who work in the sports industry.  Try working for companies and or clients who have some connection to sports.

Keep up on industry news through the web and publications like Sports Business Daily and SBJ. (By the way, there is an article about this MLBlog in the latest issue.)Shamrock

I don’t mean it to sound cold, but just like on the field, one person’s bad luck is another’s opportunity.  If a shortstop is sent down, someone else is called up.  And the effects often ripple through an organization.  The same is true in the front office.  A change in ownership or in leadership within an organization often means opportunities and a willingness for someone "outside the box" to receive a chance.  Try and look for those opportunities and take advantage of them.

Finally, we receive anywhere from 8-10 resumes a day in the fall/winter, as well as numerous phone calls and emails.  If you are interested in working for an organization, present your information (resume, samples, etc) to the right people and then be professional about followup and communication.  Too often, people eliminate themselves from consideration because they repeatedly call or email, to the point where they make a nuisance of themselves.  Try to avoid it if you can.  We receive so many requests and submissions, that if everyone began to call, write or email us multiple times, our work days would grind to a halt.

That said, I always try to reply in a timely manner whenever someone contacts me about an opening in the organization.  Baseball is such a great industry to work in (never a dull moment), and the Chicago White Sox are a terrific organization (I admit to a very strong bias).  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Scott, do you think that Joe Crede will be placed on the DL?

Thanks a lot for your comments regarding getting a job in baseball. I’ve read over the information and definitely will get involved around campus (writing for the newspaper doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all). Even though this is a tough field to get into, it’s still a dream job for me, so there’s no point in not giving it a shot.

Because Bajenaru was brought up along with Podsednik being taken off the DL, expect Crede to go on the DL to make room for Brandon McCarthy (he’ll probably be called up on Tuesday to start a game of the doubleheader). Otherwise, there would’ve been no reason to bring up Bajenaru unless someone else on the team is getting sent down/being put on the DL, which is rather unlikely.

looks like hermanson will start tues,why else would they bring up bajenaru

Hermanson is not starting tomorrow. Brandon is.

Never mind on the Crede question since that article just went up on the site. I am not too happy about that but hopefully he will be well rested and ready to play well by the time he comes back.

why does ozzie always have pierzinski always batting so high in the lineup, hes batting over Dye and rowand

Scott, you never answered about Jenks! Do you know about his arm problems from the past and is the team comfortable with it?

I must be on a delay timer. Did Scott ever answer about the arm issue? Maybe no one cares…

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