Friday Morning

Friday, September 2, 2005, 9:50 am


Yesterday all I heard and read was how the White Sox might blow their lead and not make the playoffs.  This morning, all I heard and read was speculation on whether Jose Contreras would be in our playoff rotation and if so, which game he would start.  The yo-yo effect is natural, but we still have 30 games to play.


Along those lines … it was so kind of the Tribune today to stir up the ghosts of the 1964 Phillies in connection with the White Sox.  Good thing they didn’t mention the 1969 Cubs


Check out the Tribune for Kenny Williams’ comments about his frustrations at the trade deadlines (July and August 31) and his perspective on the next month.


Originially listed in last night’s starting lineup, Tadahito Iguchi was delayed in getting to the ballpark by personal business in the afternoon that ran longer than expected.  The team was well aware, and it was no big deal to Ozzie Guillen or Kenny Williams.  Tad did arrive before the game started and collected a nice, two-run single as a pinch hitter.

Broadcasts and Email

We wanted some feedback from fans on the use of email during our television broadcasts (for those of you who can watch our games on television). 

Do you like it?  Is it entertaining?  Do we do too much?  Too little?  Does it matter when in the game it is done?  Do you miss it when we don’t do it during all of our telecasts?

Send us your thoughts …


Will debut a White Sox pregame show Saturday at 5:30 pm before televising our game at 6 pm.


after Mark Texierra homered twice in the 8-6 loss vs. the rangers, with 2 out nobody on in the eighth and Texierra at bat, coming inside might have been in order

I enjoy the email, but lately it seems as though it domintates the entire broadcast. I’d much rather hear hawk and DJ analyze the game rather than hearing 100 emails read off in a machine-gun attempt to get to all the letters they receive. Why dont’t they read 3 or 4 good emails that are relevant to the game and leave it at that. It seems like that was what the original intent was. Now it has morphed into something that is threatening to overtake the entire 9 innings.

I like the emails, but I agree that it is too much at times. An dsome of the emails, in my opinion, are absoutely irrelevant and are poor questions. A few good ones should be read, but reading them all just to read them all is not a good idea.

Great game yesterday. It was good to see the team hit!

it would be nice if some of the wciu games can be changed over to wgn.

Regarding the e-mails, I think that the people who send them fall into two categories…the ones who have a question or concern about the team and want to hear an answer from Hawk and DJ, and the ones who want their 15 seconds of fame and to hear their names on the air.The pertinent questions should be answered,the 15 seconds of fame dispatches should be dispatched into the
first available garbage can,because that is what they are. Regarding serachnezzie’s

request, that has been the hue and cry from Sox fans ever since Arthur Allyn ran the team(concerning putting more Sox games on WGN). As long as the Chicago National

League Ballclub,Inc and WGN are under the same family umbrella,the chances of seeing more Sox games on Channel 9 are about as likely as seeing a Republican in the

mayor’s office in Chicago.

Finally, regarding the Tribune

and the other print media,you

should know best, Scott, that they have one person in their

sports department who is in

charge of raining on other people’s parades. The thing to do is, like the elephant in the closet, just ignore it.


As impressed as I am with the team on the field, ozzie, Kenny, Jerry footin the bill but allowing his folks to do their job; I must say I am impressed w/ all that I have seen from you and your staff. People that normally knock the park and the fans have gone out of their way to tell me that they have enjoyed this season. Congrats on making our team fit the big time.

As far as emails, 4-5 a game. The majority should allow Hawk and DJ to analyze the current game as most of us want to hear about strategy. One or two about the old days is interesting.

Is Kenny Williams intentionally trying to incur the wrath of the White Sox fan base? I don’t think I am the only one that wants to see Frank Thomas hit a pinch hit home run in the playoffs. In order to do so he must be on the playoff roster. Why would Kenny end any hope of this transpiring?

About the Tribune bringing up the ’64 Phillies: it’s like they’ve got a whole staff of investigative reporters busy digging through the record books looking for wet blankets. In July they were writing about the 93 Giants. Here’s the letter I sent them at the time:

“Wednesday, July 6 was a great day for Chicago baseball. The White Sox completed their eighth sweep of the season and extended their record to 57-26, Frank Thomas hit his second three-run homer in two days, and White Sox fans produced almost 4 million votes to land Scott Podsednik in the All-Star Game. So what does our local hometown paper write? “Sox Shouldn’t Forget the ’93 Giants” (who won 100 games but didn’t make the playoffs). The wet-blanket Tribune will look for any angle it can find to rain on the White Sox parade. Why? Probably because the Tribune Corp. can’t forget the ’03 Cubs.”

Even if we put up the same record we had in August, we’ll end up with 92 wins… Can’t see that not being good enough for at least a wild card spot, and that’s IF we put up that record… last months schedule was very arguably our toughest month, this month is predominantly al central teams, and we all know how we’ve fared against our own division… Any talk about a collapse or choking is pretty ridiculous.

As for e-mails, i enjoy hearing most, but i agree that they have taken up more time then they merit… I do have to sadly admit that it did feel cool when two emails coming from someone in my very small town got read, but id say one an inning is a fair number.

And im looking forward to seeing pregame on wgn… as for wciu, the only thing that bothers me about games on the U is seeing that King of Queens commercial 50 times a a night…

“cuz sexay… is sexay!”

yeah, im tuning in for that…

great to see the offense come around last night, though! Jose’s even been great of late. I’d love to see us get a few low scoring one run wins… Getting Buehrle and Garland back in top form is our ticket through the post season(love to see Contreras pitch in a series with ny, though)… Because i just cant picture us outslugging boston or ny… We saw in NY that we can hold big bats down, though.

Let’s hope Jon can get # 17 this weekend and get to 20.

The best emails are the ones that get Hawk and DJ talking about their playing days and how things are different now. All in all I’m a fan of the emails.

C’mon, you should know, the Tribune just “can’t win” when it comes to accusations of bias, at least according to sports ed Dan McGrath, as quoted in one of his paper’s own stories. (The implication…why try at all, you can’t please those crazy/angry Sox fans!)

The e-mails are great. I definitely have noticed an increase, which means there may be a little overemphasis on them these days. I agree that they should be edited a bit better, but it seems Hawk and DJ exercise good judgement as to when/how much to read them.

All in all it’s been a great way to make the broadcast even more fan-friendly without dumbing down the broadcast, which is a hard line to walk.

I like the emails but concur that there are too many. They seem to dominate the broadcast. I’m also starting to hear the same questions. Let Hawk and DJ analyze more and supplement with emails rather than the converse.

I think that the e-mails are good, used enough. But the thing that I don’t like is the poll questions via text message. I think the questions are very lame.

go sox

I’ll miss John Rooney

Too much already with the emails! I know you love emails, Hawk, but let’s talk about the game already. An I also think the text message questions are incredibly banal. I suppose they generate $ for U S Cellular and the cell phone industry but “WHO CARES”.

John Rooney is great he will be missed. I don’t mind he e-mails to Hawk and DJ. Most are entertaining. However, I didn’t realize how many folks know very little about baseball. The Sun-Times briefly ran some Phillies 69 scrub comparisons. If these writers had no negatives it seems they would be limited in what they write.

I like corresponding via e-mail during the course of the game. Not every mail is worth mentioning on-air of course, but a lot of the questions asked and answered are interesting.

Also agree that the text message questions are silly.

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