Pregame Sunday

Sunday, September 4, 2005

White Sox Lineup

Pods, LF … Iguchi, 2B … Everett, DH … PK, 1B … Rowand, CF … Dye, RF … AJ, C … Blum, SS … Ozuna, 3B … Garland, RHP

Adjusted Kids Day Lineup

As many of you are aware, for several years now our entire team (minus the starting pitcher) signs autographs for 30 minutes prior to the game on select Kids Days.  Today is the final one of the 2005 season.  Yesterday, Ozzie Guillen asked if we could avoid having today’s starting lineup sign because he was trying to give them as much rest as he could given the schedule of the next few days.  "We haven’t clinched anything yet," Guillen said.  So for today, our non-starters, pitchers and coaches will sign before the game.  With callups, we still have quite a few guys, and many new names, who will be signing.  Sorry if this inconveniences anyone, but our motive is to keep our guys as fresh and rested as possible down the stretch.

Concrete Ideas

About a week or so ago, it was mentioned on a local radio station that several instances of falling concrete had occurred at our ballpark and most had gone unreported.  Because of the flow of the questioning, the issue was not addressed directly on the show.  It was more of a throw-away line.  I have received several emails and calls about it since.  Just to clarify, we have not had any cases this season.  What did happen in March, and perhaps this was the source of the comment, was that inspectors at the ballpark pried off pieces of concrete from the outside of the ballpark as part of their inspection.  One local paper at the time reported this as pieces falling off.  Both city inspectors and building engineers responded by saying this was part of an inspection, was on the exterior walls and ramps of the ballpark and was in no way a hazard or threat to fans.  You can check the story and letters to editor in the Daily Southtown.  The newspaper also printed a correction/retraction to the headline on the initial story.  Following that March inspection, an on-going maintenance and repair plan has been followed (as usual) by the Illinois Sports Authority, owners of U.S. Cellular Field.

Bottom line, nothing to this.


Glad to see Blum playing short in Juan’s place. Lefties are batting .286 against Bonderman and Jon’s going to need all the help he can get to reach elusive 17.

I don’t understand how much more rest a guy gets by not signing autographs. Seems pretty lousy to me. Pods and Iguchi have had a lot of rest lately. Everett shouldn’t be too tired to sign. Blum and Ozuna are part-time players. I guess this is the attitude that comes with success.

Let’s get a sweep!!! Did John Rooney give any reason for not switching over to the Score? He will be missed.

dickallen, give it a rest! if the guys need more time to rest then so be it and real fans completely understand this.
I guess your name describes exactly what kind of person you are…

I was at the game again last night- had a blast. Nothing beats an outing to the Cell. I love watching the guys play…can’t even describe. Aaron hit the ball well yesterday, as well as Tadahito. Buerhle aslo pitched great- awesome to see him throwing like him old self. Lets go today- get the sweep!

dickallen, that seems like an odd perspective coming from **** Allen. I agree with Ozzie that the priority should be winning these games.

DONT GO JOHN! Everyone please sign

Show John and the parties involved the support of the Sox fans!

Scott, could you please keep us posted on A.J. and his wife regarding the birth of their first child. I noticed that he is not going to Boston because of this and I’m looking forward to hearing the good news.

Why was wearing a Blue “T” hat (looked like a weird verson of a Texas Rangers hat) during the post game press conference on Sunday?


Indeed a great sweep for Sox fans. The true test will come tomorrow with our young buck on the mound trying to prove himself worthy of our He Gone pitching staff. As far as the team goes their earning their checks. The real off season trade doesnt rest within our team, it lies with DJ, Hawk deserves better and shouldnt have a scrub sitting next to him.

The hat was from a Winterball (I think Venezuelan) team

Palehoses always speaks the truth, need more characters around with his great intellect and insight on the game. Let the Mighty Eagle Soar.

Thats outrageous. Our defective bricks are outside on the facade. Your bricks are internal and represent a deeper and more fundamental flaw in your structure.

I’m not sure how signing autographs for 30 minutes on a day when there’s no batting practice makes anyone tired.

If that’s so, though, perhaps Ozzie can allow the players to sit during the National Anthem. I’d also suggest that the bat boys feed the players their pre-game meal and then dress them.

Please beat the Red Sox tommorow. BTW, what happens to your spectacular pitching when you face the bosox?

-Yankee Fan.

I wouldn’t talk about pitching when your best representative’s Shawn Chacon. Your lineup looks like a list of AARP members, not a starting 5. Your Moose is raggedy, Leiter needs to retire and lecture “Scooter the talkin’ baseball” on the basics of a curveball and Randy Johnson’s been doing a fine impersonation of Old Man River lately. Don’t worry about us. We’re running a pitcher young enough to be Johnson’s son in McCarthy today.

Nice one, pterygoi.

And Salukidave, if you want to see bat boys dressing players, um, you’re much more likely to find that kind of spectatorship on the north side.

G-off Blum: 2 for 4 with a triple and a run.
Timo: 1 for 3 with an RBI.

Trust in Ozzie.

There were some mistakes, but what a win!! Felt awesome. Great game for Paulie..and that play at the end of the game…where’s that guy who was trashing him last week??? Paulie needs to be in a Sox uniform for the rest of his career!

Nice error by G-off, Pabs could of snatched that and gone 3-4. The front page material shines on McCarthy, **** of a game for the young buck who shut down a likely playoff opponent. As far as Paulie goes,a good month won’t erase the three months of .250 ball. He needs to step it up at the 4 slot if we intend to do something in Oct.

we’ve probably lost 1 or 2 but have u noticed how it seems we haven’t lost a game since Crede has gone on the DL. gee wonder why? that something Ken Williams should be looking at for next year or years 2 come.

but other than that the White Sox have looked great theres a couple problems here and there (carl everett and crede) to name a few but yea, this team looks like its back on track, cant believe i was losing faith lol GO SOX!

Did A.J. have a boy or girl? If a boy I hope to see him playin on the southside in 22 years or so…

there you are, lilj815. I hadn’t noticed that, but I had noticed that we hadn’t lost a game since you stopped making your multiple daily negative posts. And I realized that the way you describe Crede as a ballplayer pretty much sums up the way I feel about you as a poster… nothing positive to contribute.

How about that, lilj? On the lineup of posters, you’re the Joe Crede.

Except then I realized that no, that’s not really the case, because every once in a while Crede does something brilliant, like that walk-off homerun he hit against the Tigers July 24, or the brilliant defensive work he displays just about every day. And brilliance is something we’ve yet to see from lilj.

So there you have it, lilj, you’re no joe.

Paulie has had a lot more than 1 good month. June Avg: .293 July Avg: .315 August Avg: .300 So far in September: .429

Paulies definitely stepped it up as of late but he needs to take that next step. He’s good enough to be an All-Star, but is he great enough to carry this team during a 5 or 7 game series? Far too often Konerko hasn’t come through in the clutch but I’ve got the feeling that’s changing. He looks alot more relaxed and confident at the plate, like he knows he’s capable of changing the game. I’m not asking for the second coming of Frank but as the most vicious hitter on the team he needs to strike fear in opposing pitchers hearts. .429 in September is a good sign. Go Sox! Way to make us proud in Beantown.

I’m sure this will be met with some negative criticism, but you know who’s really stepping up offensively..Juan Uribe. Looks like Greg Walker, or someone, worked with him and he has a new approach with a leg kick. In the last 5 games, he’s 11/19… .297 over the last 30 days…Keep it up, Juan!!

thank god for that.

why r ppl talking negative bout paulie? hes been our best hitter all year long.

I was just wondering if anyone knows when the Sox are planning on selling single game playoff tickets. Just don’t want to miss it!🙂 Go Sox!

I was shocked when I heard Andy McPhail say there were a lot of pieces of concrete that fell at US Cellular. If the Cubs are stooping to misinformation, does this mean they are starting to worry about a shift in some local revenues?

Any news on AJ? I am dyin’ to know about the new bundle of joy!!

Great win yesterday, McCarthy is really proving to all how big of a pick up he is. This month has sure started off on the right foot, and is only a sign of better things to come!

do u guys think mccarthy’s gonna make the playoff roster?

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