Odds and Ends

Tuesday, September 6, 2005, 4:37 pm

Odds and Ends

Jermaine Dye and Chris Widger have both volunteered to tape PSAs inside the ballpark uHelp_nowrging fans to donate to the American Red Cross in support of Hurricane Katrina relief.  Fans can donate at U.S. Cellular Field through the weekend or by calling 1-800-HELP-NOW. Here is the link with further information about how to donate online.

Word is that the Pierzynski’s welcomed a little girl into their family last night.  All is well. Details will follow when I get them.

The hat Ozzie Guillen wore Sunday in the postgame interview room was from a winter ball team in his native Venezuela … not from the American League club playing in Texas.

Someone on the post mentioned the recent hitting tear by shortstop Juan Uribe.  Uribe has been working a lot with Greg Walker of late and even met with former Sox hitting guru Walt Hriniak the last time the team was in Boston.  Two things to notice … the step with his front foot for timing and Juan seems to be taking more balls to right field.  Success has followed.

Brian Anderson, Joe Borchard and Jeff Bajaneru return to the team in time for tonight’s game.  The clubhouse is getting full.


Im proud to say we have players like Dye and Widger. and Congrats to Pierzynski, Hope to see him out there soon.

All im gonna ask is for Anderson to get a chance to prove himself once again.

go sox!

I’m glad to see the players get in on the relief effort. I actually just moved to Mississippi a month ago, some ‘welcome to the state’ huh? I’m volunteering my time with a group in my college to go help the people on the coast.

YAY FOR AJ and his wife!

go sox!

Congratulations to AJ and his wife! Does my heart good to see the generosity and compassion on the team. So happy to see Brian Anderson aka “the greatest american hero” back…I really think he has a lot to offer the team! Let’s get #6 tonight!

Keep pumpin em out AJ. Go White Sox.

Considering we haven’t been in a position to consider the ramifications of call-ups too often in the recent past, can you touch on how these recent call ups can affect the roster and – dare I say – the possible playoff roster in upcoming days?

Is trading now done? Is there any consideration – or possibility for that matter – of getting someone to play 3rd who might have a better bat…someone like say Nomar…or is your read that KW is going to stay with the ones that brung him (to brutalize a Darryl Royal quote)?

I love watching these guys get some clutch hits as of late. Its great to see us moving guys over and then letting konerko or uribe driving them in!!! Go ChiSox!!! Quick question if someone can answer for me…where is kelly wuncsh at these days? I liked him alot!

hes with the dodgers but im not really sure if hes playing or not, sry. he was good but i dont really think he would fit the Sox’s plans. Not with the bullpen we have right now

Actually, for my money, Pablo can stay at 3rd. He’s hitting well as of late, and in the 6th inning, he has 2 hits on the night again. Anyone else watching that, like me, has paused and rewound the tivo looking for that supposed balk??? I don’t even see him flinch back muscle!

Congratulations Pierzynskis!! Now there is something even better than the great season we’re having, what great news!

Congratulations Pierzynskis!! Now there is something even better than the great season we’re having, what great news!

I was at the game tonight. I bought a ticket this morning, and I was directly behind home plate, row 20. The guy next to me bought his ticket today too. This may be the last series in which it’s easy to get good seats.

Anyway, we didn’t see any balk. Free run for the Royals, methinks.

I follow the White Sox from my home in Israel. I am usually able to get the scores about 6 a.m. before I go to work every day. The White Sox have given me a great deal of pleasure this year (for a change), and we can only hope for the success to continue.
I have only seen the team play on tv a few times, but I have been impressed with the total package they have put together this year. Its hard to figure just which addition has had the most influence, but I would surely put in my vote for that fellow with the long name who plays behind the plate and has just become a father. Mazal tov!

And a good October to all us old Sox fans. David Bar-Dov

Kelly Wunsch had season-ending ankle surgery earlier this year. He pitched great in spring training, made the Dodgers’ team, then hurt his ankle (tendon?) while warming up in the bullpen one night.

He actually hurt the ankle while walking in from the bullpen. He had finished warming up and walked down the steps and was just about on to the field when he went down like a ton of bricks. Although I feel for Kelly, it was very very funny.

Scott – can you explain the reasoning for the playoff rounds, if the AL (or NL for that matter)team with the best record and the wild card team come from the same division, they won’t play each other in the first round of paly off games?

If the team with the best record and the wild card team come from the same division the team with the best record would face the division winner that had the worst record. Let’s pretend Cleveland is leading the wildcard and not New York. In that case, if the playoffs began today, the White Sox would face the Angels because they have a worse record than the Red Sox.

Apologies to Kenny. I was livid when you didn’t make any trades the past couple months. I woulda given half of Triple A-Charlotte for a mid-impact player like Dmitri Young not even two weeks ago. Luckily you had enough faith to stand put. I don’t know if we have all the necessary peices going down the home stretch here, but then again who does? The Red Sox, the Angels, the Twins (perhaps the sweetest thing about September is watching their demise)? Point being baseball’s a game of lesser flaws and momentum. If we can capitalize on both, I like our chances. Thanks for not trading Brandon cause the kid is lookin like the real deal. Take him out to Old Country Buffet or something and let the man eat though.

Couldn’t agree with you more pterygoi!! Whether all the pieces are here, remains to be seen, but….I’ve learned not to doubt Kenny and Ozzie. They built this team from the ground up in a very short time, and there’s no denying how it’s turned out. I’ve said it before, and it’s not just because I’m a sentimental female, but there’s something really special about this team! GO SOX!!

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