Pregame Wednesday

Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 3:09 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF … Ozuna, 3B … Everett, DH … PK, 1B … Rowand, CF … Dye, RF … AJ, C … Uribe, SS … Harris, 2B … Contreras, RHP.

Ixnay on the Offsplay

Toni Ginetti of the Sun-Times asked me yesterday about playoff preparations and wrote a short piece in today’s paper.  Not sure if you could see me dancing and squirming in my quotes.  Everyone around here hates to talk about the playoffs because we all are superstitious and believe in jinxes.  We hate to even acknowledge that playoff planning is taking place.  But it is with MLB at all the teams that might make the playoffs, including Cleveland … so no jinx.Aj_2

AJ and AJ

A.J. Pierzynski and his wife, Lisa, welcomed daughter Ava Jordan … aka AJ … (7 lbs., 8 oz.) into the world Monday in Orlando.  Ava is the couple’s first child.

2006 Home Schedule

The White Sox announced the 2006 home schedule today.  It is tentative and could change, but check out for the info.


Jose Contreras has gone 6-2 with a 3.74 ERA since the All-Star Break and has won seven of his last nine decisions overall … the six victories are tied for third most in the AL since the break … over his career, Contreras is 17-9 with a 4.28 ERA in the second half … the right-hander is 3-0 with a 2.86 ERA, 17 strikeouts and no walks over his last three starts … it is the first time in his career Jose has gone three straight starts without a walk.

Topping 2 Million

A special thanks to White Sox fans as we topped 2 million in attendance last night for the seventh time in franchise history (first since 1993).  We are on pace to finish with the fourth-highest mark in club history.  Thanks, Sox fans.

Winter Ball

Trying to find out what Venezuelan Winter League team’s hat Ozzie was sporting the other day.  He is tied up right now …

Ixnay on the Offsplay

Expect news on how the general public can get tickets to potential Division Series games at U.S. Cellular Field pretty soon … but no jinxes.



I was looking for the schedule for next year… Where is it hiding on the page? Thanks

Nevermind… Just found it.. Thanks

687 signatures now on the petition to keep Rooney:

I was at the game tonight and I don’t think people were booing Ozzie or Marte in the 9th when Ozzie brought Marte in for Jenks. It wasn’t personal. They were booing the move. They were booing the pitching change. Only half the people were booing anyway. The other half were chanting No No No! Jenks was rocking and rolling and no one wanted to see Marte come in because we’ve seen Marte blow too many games. When Marte hit those two batters, man, it was like everyone there knew Ozzie had made a mistake except for Ozzie.

Any of you who follow this community we’ve formed on Scott’s blog know that I’ve been completely supportive of Ozzie, but even I was doubting him tonight…. Until, that is, I heard what he had to say on the post game interview. He spoke directly to it. He said that sometimes what he does works and sometimes it doesn’t work, but he’s the one who got us to 87-51. Ozzie understands Sox fans and our doubt and our fatalism very well, and he knows how to do his job. He’s a **** fine manager.

The fact that we still won tonight after Marte’s blundering just shows the depth of this team. This is some team. We’re lucky to be the generation of Sox fans alive to see this. Go White Sox.

First, and most importantly, congratulations AJ and Mrs. P- what wonderful news- welcome to the world “AJ!”

Great win tonight, congrats to Pauly on his 36th.

Also, congrats to Aaron on his nomination for “man of the year!” He definitly has my vote!

I’m borrowing these links from a thread I posted in at the whitesoxinteractive forums…so, thank them for these.

Cap in Action:

Luis Aparicio wearing the Cap:

The team is the Tiburones de La Guaira

Marte needs to be shelved. He simply does not have what it takes at this point in the season. Maybe put him in for 1 batter when the time is right, and thats it. Jenks isn’t quite ready either, but I’d rather lose a game throwing 96-99mph gas, than putting runners on.

psheehan…couldn’t agree with you more. This is the team that Ozzie and Kenny built. The fact that they took an idea of a team, and have put it together in just 2 years is nothing short of amazing. Ozzie IS the man, but every man, makes a mistake now and again. Marte has come through in a clutch now and again. HOWEVER, with that being said, when I see him come out of the bullpen, my heart skips a beat…just like when we had Billy Koch. Bobby Jenks was tossing the ball well, and that heat can’t be ignored. 7 in a row feels really good…let’s keep going!!!

Anyone know why J. Rooney isn’t moving to the Score? His contract is up with ESPN radio, so why not switch? There must be a rift between him and Ed.

Congrats to A.J. and welcome to the world young Ava Jordan … aka AJ πŸ˜€

I also agree with u guys….Jenks should get some opportunities to close games…”Close” Games not some games where we’re winning by 4 or more runs, and they’re always complaining that Hermanson is hurting. Heres his chance to get some rest. We need him come playoff time*crossing fingers*

If I could bring up the taboo subject of Pl***** Tix, I really hope the Sox can find a way to get the limited number of tickets to the real fans that don’t have season tickets. Once you get to the post season, suddenly Sox tickets become trendy and everyone wants them, and the real fans, the 14K that were there this week, myself included, may be shut out.

I know that in 93, the Sox did do something to help the real fans. The night after they clinched, they announced during the game, to call in for playoff tickets, saying only real fans would be watching that game. I hope you do something similar this year, to make the games accessible to those who do support your team, but don’t have season tickets, but go to several games and truly love and support the team, and not just when it is easy.

Go Sox!

Hey drty, what a great idea! They should make playoff tickets available to the 14,000 who showed up tuesday and the 18,000 who showed up wednesday. That way, I’ll get two!πŸ˜‰

CONGRATULATIONS AJ AND LISA!!!!! I was told back in April that they were expecting a baby, but never heard anything more on it, and now I finally found out…Welcome to the world Ava!!!!πŸ™‚ Many happy wishes for the new family!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS AJ AND LISA!!!!! I was told back in April that they were expecting a baby, but never heard anything more on it, and now I finally found out…Welcome to the world Ava!!!!πŸ™‚ Many happy wishes for the new family!!!!

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