Pregame Friday

Friday, September 9, 2005

White Sox Lineup

Ozuna, 3B … Iguchi, 2B … Everett, LF … Konerko, DH … Rowand, CF … Dye, RF … AJ, C … Uribe, SS … Blum, 1B … Buehrle, LHP.


Interesting… Thought we might see Casanova out there tonight vs. Lackey…

Scott, I have another question for ya… Why weren’t people that purchased the Ozzie or Minnie plan given the opportunity to buy lower level seats for the playoffs? I see they are going to sell them via single games but if you filled out the order form sent to the people that purchased Ozzie or Minnie plans, you only got the option of upper box or reserved?

What’s up with the Green uniforms tonight? I’m watching the game on MLB extra innings and didn’t catch the start of the game.

Some, in my opinion, silly “we’re half way to St. Patrick’s Day” celebration. The uniforms are pretty ugly, and I hate to be negative, but, it seems like a waste of money. I could buy the celebration and tie in with Irish music, etc, and maybe just the green hats, but an entirely new uniform for every team member and coaching staff..???

Two horrible calls. First the call on Iguchi saying he didn’t check swing, when he obviously did on the replay. Now a balk??? I’ve watched that 4 times now and I have NO clue what game these umps are watching..!

Hey I’d rather have another “Disco *****” night. Maybe they will auction them off for the Katrina relief efforts. Thanks for the info.

what the **** is Joey Cora’s problem? This is probably the 10th game he has cost us, usually its Konerko he sends home, but this time its Rowand he dooms at the plate on a ball that was smashed to shallow left field. If it was Pods coming in to third i wouldve held him up. geezus, then the next batter flies out deep to right, a shot that easily couldve scored Aaron with the bases loaded and one out.

I know Cora is Ozzie’s friend but hes a terrible coach. He ****** down here as a low-A manager and he ***** as a third base coach.

That was such a great game tonight and he gave it away.


Bottom line, Angels made the plays, Sox didn’t. How about Jenks, though!

Look – I don’t mind Cora being aggressive and going for the win.
What was UGLY the way the Vlad scored the winning run.

First – nobody wanted the fly ball or Carl couldn’t get to it (everybody in the yard thought it was gone, but an effort on a ball that hits the base of the wall would have been nice)and then the throw home after the sacrafice had to go up the line, because Gload just stood there in the way after charging the bunt!

I’m all for resting players and using the call ups, but AFTER the money’s in the bank please.

I was pleased with Jenks. Two innings are his MAX, he tired noticably, but he WAS dominant.

To tell the truth I’m disappointed in Carl Everett’s effort late in this game – if not lately. Getting doubled off first with a runner in front of you – and he’s the winning run – is fundamental baseball. Not breaking on a ball in left-center and drifting to the wall instead of turning and getting there is fundamental baseball. Leading from wire-to-wire is difficult to “manage” because you cannot just hit the gas when you want and coast otherwise. I hope Ozzie has a talk to his veteran. He should know that rides to the playoffs are guaranteed – to nobody. They’re taken.

Plenty of blame to go around..Buehrle, who I adore, gives up 4 straight singles in the 1st; Horrendous least 2, possibly 3 bad calls, Cora’s over aggressiveness, leaving guys on base throughout…. Bottom line, it’s a tough loss, and we need to come back strong. Angels are a very good team, and to win down the stretch, and thereafter, we need to win games like this…Let’s get back on the winning track!

It was perfect, just a game after listening to Hawk & DJ say of Cora, “There is non better” (Me, rolling my eyes) Cora loses another game for the Sox. If he holds up Rowand, we have a runner at third with one out!!! His inability to make sound decisions is awful. That was the game – right there.

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