Pregame Saturday

Saturday, September 10, 2005, 10:29 am

White Sox Lineup

Pods, LF … Iguchi, 2B … Rowand, CF … PK, 1B … Everett, DH … AJ, C … Perez, RF … Uribe, SS … Crede, 3B … Garland, RHP.


Aaron Rowand has agreed to wear a microphone for today’s game on WFLD, FOX 32.


How come Fox cannot put a West Coast versus White Sox game on in the West? I suffer though yet another Yankees Red Sox. Come on, There is more to baseball.

I hear you rzajac. I lived in the west for 30 years, suffering from severe White Sox deprivation. Maybe that’s why I now live in an apartment with a view, out the front windows, of U.S. Cellular Field. But, man, at least you’ve got xm radio and mlb tv. It used to be much, much worse.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t like it when the games are on FOX because the announcers don’t like our team. For example, they were talking about A.J. and being quite rude. Personally, I thought that the booyah story was hilarious.

How come ozzie never starts the rookies? its not like everett is very good. he ***** and hes not even fast , he runs like and old man. and we were doing good till crede came up once again😦, not that hes done anything wrong this game but what a different team it was when he was on the DL

lilj, i’m pretty sure ozzie doesn’t start the rookies because if he did you’d complain about that, too.

Everett is a huge liability in the field. thats been clear since he almost killed himself in right early in the year, so he belongs at DH, I thought that was common knowledge. That sounds pretty bad about the west coast, im in coastal georgia, and so all i get is BRAVES BRAVES BRAVES. When they played a game vs th Cubs this year they were on TBS, WGN, and ESPN. Totally ridiculous. MLB.TV rules, except on saturday afternoons when Fox has the rights to everything and it all gets blacked out. If the Braves dont play, its Boston or New York on TV. Why should they show the team with the best record? I just wish was like, where you can chose which feed you want beamed to your computer. I hate the Detroit play by play team, and the Angels duo are terrible as well. Too biased, even by Hawk’s standards. WEll thats my rant. I’ve actually been listening to the games more now that I know its the curtain call for Rooney as opposed to waching them.
GO SOX. In a big 5 run hole.


Im still hot about Coras boneheaded move last night.

Hello, I was surprised today that Garland allowed that many runs in only6 innings. Well, he been good all year long, but I don’t think that the problem in Garland. I think the problem is with the whole White Sox team. Every time they play a team from the AL West they get scared and they blow it up. There is nothing scary about them i swear on my life..Well I still believe our SOX are still the best team. Well, we always struggle against the WEST. the good news is that this is the last series against them in the regular season, but what if we face them in the play-offs. The Sox should really take this seriously, it is important that they do their math earlier than the other teams. I THINK that the move that Ozzie made in the 7th inning is a vey smart move. He put 5 PH players in the game, which I believe is a very smart move. Well I hope that our SOX will avoid a sweep by the A’s. I hope they will collect thier papers and that they will do what we been dreaming of….Thank You White Sox for all the great games.

By the way Crede has done a great job today and i am glad that he’s back. Scott is doing a great job as well. I hope they stay healthy and that we don’t miss them anymore, especially in the play-offs. Konerko is still my MVP, he is a great hitter. And Aaron, OMG, Aaron is the best defense player out there, I think he will make so heroic catches in the days to come…

Couple observations: One, if that’s what our two “aces” are going to do Ozzie might want to take a second look at Brandon if for no other reason than our pitchers seem to respond when they unsure of their position in the pecking order. It seems like Buerhle and Garland started believing all that Cy Young garbage cause neither one has been the same pitcher they were in the first half. Two when did Joey Cora become Wavin Wendell? Three, as much as I hate to admit it maybe the talking-heads are right. This team can beat cellar dwellers like KC and Detroit, but when up against real competition they collapse. I’m worried. Every series after this is against the Central whom we match up well against. If we get into the playoffs eventually we’re going to play someone outside our division and we’ve witnessed the carnage that entails.

Well, I agree with Palehoses on the last point he maid, but not on the first one. Burhle and Garland been doing great all year long, we can’t just they that they are done just because they lost, especially Burhle. Burhle is a guy with experience and he will help the Sox working on their goal. I don’t think the we should worry about the rest of the regular season, but i think we should look to our play-offs games. It is hard , I know, but I believe my White Sox team can do it with some hard work.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the only hope the Sox have to get to the World Series is if they somehow avoid playing the west coast teams. The Sox would actually be better finishing the season as the wild card team, and hopefully play Boston, while Cleveland knocks off either the Angels or Oakland. Also, we are a better road team anyway, so what good is the home team advantage if we get our brains beat out by one of the west coast teams in the first round?

The Sox may be hitting a few rough patches on their way to the playoffs but they’ll be fine. As for Crede, I was extremely pleased to see him back today and loved his two timely hits. I’m just disappointed that he did not get a chance to bat in the ninth because he is a great clutch hitter and could have really helped his team out.

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