Pregame Sunday

Sunday, September 11, 2005, 12:36 pm

Remembering …

Both teams will wear hats with the flag of the United States on the side for today’s game in memory of those who lost their lives on 9/11/01. 

White Sox Lineup

Pods, LF … Harris, 2B … Rowand, CF … PK, DH … Dye, RF … AJ, C … Uribe, SS … Gload, 1B … Crede, 3B … El Duque.

Green Unis

I have received a few questions on the green uniforms from Friday night.  They were worn in the spirit of "Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day."  Players each get to keep one set, while the other will be auctioned off for Chicago White Sox Charities.

Hurricane Relief

We continue to take in donations for Hurricane Relief.  For this homestand, all donations, revenue from Sox Split and revenue from the nightly audience auction will go to the Red Cross.  We (the White Sox) will make a donation as well once we get a sense of the overall total.

Notes …

AJ leads all American League catchers with a .999 mark … Konerko_4Paul Konerko hit his 200th home run in a Sox uniform Friday night … the Sox are 32-17 (.653) in day games, the best winning percentage in the American League … the Sox(180) and Yankees are both trying to become the first teams in MLB history with 200-plus HR outputs in six straight seasons … the Sox are 52-29 in games decided by two runs or less, going 30-16 in one-run games (15-7 at home) and 22-13 in two-run games … in addition, they are 13-29 when scoring two or less, surpassing their win total from 2002-04 combined when they went 5-128 in those games … with 78 home runs in the past two seasons, Konerko ranks fourth in baseball, behind Pujols (85), Dunn (83) and Ortiz (79) … 23 of his homers in 2005 have been solo shots.

Appreciate the Feedback

I continue to receive a great deal of feedback on this blog … both positive and negative.  I do appreciate all the responses from fans and media alike, particularly thoughts from members of the national and local media.  Some like the blog (in concept and practice), some do not.

I do hope it is clear that these are simply my opinions and that this, in effect, is my online diary.  My main goal in this blog is to provide information to White Sox fans.  Maybe you get it quicker this way?  Maybe you read something here that you did not see or hear somewhere else?  And maybe the ability to interact here is a benefit to you?  Hopefully, when you have a question or want to know an answer, I can provide it … or at the very least, track it down.

I am constantly amazed and humbled that anyone even reads this or cares.  But I also hope it is clear that I am not a journalist when I write this, although I do have that diploma somewhere at home (yesterday was not a good day for the Hawkeyes), I am a very biased White Sox employee/fan.  I hope that is and has been clear. Anyone can start their own MLBlog right now.

Time Change

One of the negatives to having yesterday’s game on FOX nationally (the game went to eight percent of the nation), is that about 500 fans did not see, read or hear about the time change and came to the ballpark for a 6:05 pm game.  No matter how much we all try to spread the word, this always happens when games in September are switched.

He would not want me to reveal his name, but one of our ticket office supervisors gave one fan, an elderly woman, $40 out of his pocket for a cab ride home when she arrived for the night game only to find the 12:15 game already completed.

Kudos to him.


I can’t imagine why anybody would dislike this blog, unless it’s Tribune employees because you very occasionally and very gently hold them accountable in public. I think I speak for many other Sox fans when I say that this forum, unlike others, gives us the feeling that we are connected to the team. And it does give us an inside perspective on the organization.

As for the team right now, I’m worried that all the doubt that has been sown all year long by the national sports media, by the Tribune, by Cubs fans, and even by some second-guessing Sox fans, has successfully eroded the team’s confidence.

This Blog is a great idea.

One of the unusual things about Chicago sports fans is that they stay loyal even if they have left the city. Unfortunately, when you’re a Sox fan in Tampa (like me) it’s difficult to find someone to talk with about what has been an all-too-infrequent occurance, a playoff run. Thank you for spending the time to offer the venue. It’s not just another message board where crazy nonsence is brought up. It provides legitimate insight.

Along those lines – I hope Ozzie is willing to switch Hernandez and McCarthy’s roles. El Duque will be more help in long relief (potentially) and Brandon has been one of our best starters since getting called up.

Scott, I know the question about Jenks might be a tough one for the front office to answer so I have another one. Why did the Sox sign Brad Fullmer?

can the sox stop ******* please?

Well, I was disappointed to see our Sox lose against the angels…I hope that Ozzie rethink before letting El Duqe pitch as a starter the next time, maybe he should think about making McCarthy our fifth starter because he been outstanding. I hope our Sox will have a couple of sweeps this week so that we avoid being kicked out by the indians. The indians have won 6 in a row and we never know what might happen. That is why I want our Sox to keep up and try to do better the next few weeks. I am pleased to see Crede back,, I am even happier to see Aaron back to his old habbit of stealing homers.

About 20 years ago I showed up for a night game with my visiting parents only to find out that the time had been switched to an earlier time. Even that day’s paper had the wrong time. It was a wierd feeling walking up to the empty stadium expecting a crowd to be there.

Scott, didn’t know you were a fellow Hawkeye! Cool!

On the other hand, let’s never speak of Saturday’s debacle.😦

For the fans who don’t like negativity you might want to skip this one: What the **** was that? When did ‘El Duque’ metamorphize into ‘El Dookie’? That was putrid! It’s hard to stay positive when the game was outa reach 20 minutes into the first inning. ‘El Dookie’ has been horrible as of late (lost 7 out of his last 9) Brandon’s been more than solid (8 K’s). You do the math. Leaving a veteran in the rotation just because he had a good run with the Yankees eons ago makes no sense and goes against everything Ozzie preaches. We want players that give us the best chance to win. Hernandez no longer represents that type of player. To stick with him based upon distant memories is detrimental to the team’s morale. Don’t think for a second that fans are the only ones who’ve noticed his monumental decline…

Oh yeah before I forget, Damaso is in need of a firm backhand. You are showing up late to the ballpark? You?!? The same guy who hit two consecutive batters not too long ago? You gotta be kidding me. You should be the first man there and the last man to leave. Matter of fact, the way you’ve been pitching you should never leave the ballpark. You should have a cot set up in the bullpen so you can wake up and practice pitching before the sun rises. We’ve come too far to succumb to these shananigans. Get it together Sox!

It was very disheartening to see the White Sox get OWNED like they did this weekend. I hope they can step it up against the doormats of the AL.

LOVE the blogs, Scott. As a fan I love the “behind the scenes” insight you give the fans. I think the true fans understand what it is all about. Look forward to it everyday. Keep it up and thanks for sharing

Hey Scott, love the blogs. It gives the fan a forum to communicate (or vent) and it’s well structured. That said, could you inform the team we still have three weeks left to play. They’ve been playing like the playoffs are their birthright and not a privelge. I hate to say it but Cleveland is the best team in the Central now. They play with a sense of urgency that would be refreshing if they weren’t the opposition. Where’s the intensity from our guys? The pitching was laughable this weekend and the offense was anemic. Juan Uribe is our sole source of offense output? That’s a problem.

Hey Scott,

Have they found anyone to televise the Saturday game? I was contemplating flying up there for the Twins series but I’m heading to KC for that series instead… Is it too early in the morning for any networks to want to take it or whats the deal? Thanks!

Sorry to rant again but I feel compelled. During that KC series the team was complaining about fans not showing up. It seemed odd at the time but now it just seems asinine. How can this team get down on its’ fans for not coming out? Don’t you have larger concerns? Namely getting into the playoffs? Why would fans want to come out after displays like Saturday and Sunday. Most teams like playing at home. The Sox apparently don’t. It’s like U.S. Comiskular is kryptonite and the Sox are a deflated Superman. I’m glad we’re hitting the road because the Sox seem to adopt an “Us-against-the World” attitude and play with a chip on their shoulder.
This is your last day off for a couple weeks fellas. Relax, take a deep breath and play every game remaining like it’s your last. Cause in all reality, it would be a shame if Oct. 2 rolls around and that just so happens to be the case.

Ain’t thet ^^^^^^ the truth. If the Sox play this way for the rest of the season, then they will defintely be watching come October.


Thank you so much for the blog. I love getting the “inside scoop”. As for the comments, I try to keep mine positive. If I’m feeling especially down about a loss, I’ll just not post as opposed to rehashing the obvious. Do we need a bit or work, yes. Are we doomed…NO! We can beat up on KC, and then if we can just split with Cleveland..we’ll be ok. Offense needs a boost, but I know we have the talent and are capable. At times it wouldn’t be great, but I’m wondering if any of the players read this? If they do…Some of us still have faith and are behind you all the way!! GO SOX!

a lot of good thoughts out there, i guess it’s my turn. first of all, i don’t agree that the pitching isn’t fatigued. all are exhibiting those symptoms, except for mccarthy. is that just coincidence? maybe he is fresher. also, the past few years we’ve been the ones chasing and have yearly come up short down the strech against the twins. so this year it’s all wrapped up? not hardly! we’ve got 21 left and the indians have 20, with 6 head to head. i don’t need to tell you what has happened in past years when we needed a big win. we are not the same team that came out of the gate. we don’t run at the top anymore. our situational hitting isn’t there and the picthing seems to be too complacent. it seems that on any given night we can count on something else going just wrong enough to cost us a W. if we don’t get it back together real soon, we will be fighting for the wild card. we have only 7 games left with -500 teams and cleveland has 10. somehow we have to win 10 out of the last 21. that gets us in, and then what? like 2000 again? i know we are getting frustrated. im sure the team is too. at least i hope they are. 1959 was my last (almost) party especially after klu’s big game 1. i’ll see you all next spring. i just hope it’s with a w.s. tee shirt on. go sox. j.k. in tucson…out

The blog is a wonderful tool. I have a personal blog and it’s a lot of fun. Scott, I hope Sox fans relax. I was at Friday and Sunday’s games versus the Angels and it appeared that the Sox are simply not getting key hits–not to mention a poor balk call on Buehrle and a sub-par Hernandez. When you combine the lack of timely hitting with a Cleveland squad which is unconscious, the worry-warriors appear. Once Cleveland and the Sox bats wake up, the magic number will rapidly evaporate.

Hey Scott,

Been reading for a while and never got around to responding, but I love the insight you provide. For me, it feels like i have a friend working for the White Sox leaking me “inside” information. Keep up the good work, and go go Sox!

(go hawkeyes)

Hey Scott, love this site, and I still have faith in the Pale Hose. Having your faith shaken can be a good thing, especially when you come out the other end victorious. It makes you stronger. No one said this was going to be easy. We made it look too easy for too long this season. Working hard and playing good ball in the stretch run will get us ready for the playoffs. This is how good teams become great.

I heard through the grapevine that Mike North is a candidate for the color analyst job next year on WSCR. Is this true? Who are the other candidates? When will the decision be made? I understand Mike North is a popular morning talk show host, but he would not make a good replacement. Please let us know if you have information. Thanks.

Let me clear something up. There seem to be two groups of fans here. Those who see fire and brimstone after loses and those who see rainbows and ponies. It’s that old glass half-empty, glass half-full phenomenon. Neither one is more correct, it just the manifestation of how each individual views sports and in a lot of ways life. So for those of you who choose to calmly ingest this past weekends debacle, I salute you. I don’t have that type of intestinal fortitude and find it way too late in the season to see any growth coming out of a sweep at home against a potential playoff opponent. Even if we sweep KC what does that prove? That we can beat up on a team that’s been on vacation since mid-July? Awesome. Don’t confuse my pessimism with a lack of faith. I believe in this team. That’s why it’s so disheartening to see them play so poorly, because we all know they’re so much better than this. I think it’s fair to say everbody on this blog would like nothing more than to see this team succeed, we just have different ways of coping with adversity.

Funny, funny. The problem with that half-full, half-empty analogy is that it’s half either way you slice it. We’ve been wandering this desert since 1917. I don’t think half of anything is going to quench our thirst. Go Sox and may our cup runeth over!

Love the blog. I’m just really sad that the Good Guys got OWNED by the Angels. If we have to face them in the postseason, the way we’re going now we’ll be in trouble. Besides not allowing El Duque to start, what else can we do?????

What in God’s name is going on between Ozzie and Damaso? I realize that this could be a touchy subject, but Sox fans need to know what is going on here.

Damaso broke a cardinal rule of Ozzie’s by showing up late to the park this weekend. Ozzie sent him home.

“I have a rule on my team: If you’re not on the [disabled list] and late, you’re not going to be on my team,” Guillen said after Sunday’s 6-1 loss to the Los Angeles Angels. “I did it to Magglio Ordonez. I did it to Bobby Jenks.”,1,530059.story

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