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Tuesday, September 13, 2005, 5:20 pm

Comments to Sunday

Thanks for all the responses to Sunday’s post.  Some great comments and great points.  It is interesting to read all the different takes and reactions to the team’s ups and downs this second half.  I really enjoy the give and take.

Hurricane Relief

We announced today that our fans and Chicago White Sox Chairities together raised over $100,000 for Hurricane Katrina Relief last homestand.  These funds go to MLB for the American Red Cross.  I believe MLB teams and fans contributed $3 million to date to the relief effort.  Well done.


I didn’t write about the Damaso Marte issue postgame Sunday because Ozzie’s comments in the newspaper were pretty direct (imagine that).  Damaso has been bothered for a while by a stiff neck/upper back.  One of the understandings in our clubhouse is that injured players should come in early to see trainer Herm Schnedier for evaluation/treatment.  Each day, Herm sends along an injury report to Ozzie, KW, etc. telling him who isn’t available that day and why.  By coming in just before stretching, Marte did not give Herm a chance to evaluate him and left Ozzie without knowing his status.  Now, the assumption certainly was that he would not be used that day (since he did have soreness), but the point was one of principle for Ozzie and he sent Damaso home.  The same thing did happen with Magglio once last year.  Damaso’s medical situation still needs to be resolved.

PK in Third Hole

Paul Konerko hits third for the first time this season.  Carl Everett hits fourth as Ozzie tries to shake things up a bit.

Foul Weather

Skies are threatening in KC tonight.


looks like a rain delay since all im getting is a blank screen on
I really like having ‘someone on the inside’ to bounce things off of pertaining to the Sox. Keep the blog going, atleast resume after the off-season.

Scott, nice job so far and best of luck to the pale hose. Awesome coaching staff in the absolute best city. I’ll tell you what – if you could tell me the real reason Brad Fullmer was signed by the White Sox, I’ll donate $100 to the Hurricane Relief effort in the name of the Chicago White Sox. I’ll also tell you what the concern was about Jenks arm. Good luck down the stretch, but watch your elbows.


Hello from Florida, this is Drew Pierson, I just wanted to tell you nice job with the website. I have two foreign roomates who are new to the golf team this year, who enjoy watching baseball so I am turning them into White Sox fans of

course. Good luck down the stretch, and have a fun post season! Get the golf game ready for next year!


I just wanted to thank you so much for this blog and offering all of us fans an inside track to the team we love so much. I’ve been to a number of games this season- and even the ones I don’t get to- my first priority on game day is checking out the blog, and afterwards looking to see everyone’s reactions.

This is a great website, and I think I can speak for us all in letting you know how much we appreciate the time and effort you put into this!


Hey Scott,

I don’t know what the weather is like on your planet, but in case you haven’t noticed, we are falling apart!! 1 month ago, I would be excited about playing the Indians in a week. Now, I am afraid of our guys facing a Double A women’s team. I am afraid that the new symbol for “choke” will be a picture the good ole’ boys from the South Side. Wake up White Sox!! This is (was?) supposed to be our year!!***** it up and play with your heart!! What can I say – this may turn out to be the most heartbreaking event a Sox fan will endure. AT least every other year, we fall apart around June, but now, this year, with 20 games to go??!! This is not just a curse, this is a nightmare!


Hi Scott,

I’m glad you’re not hammering Ozzie for being tough on Marte. I think it’s very good to show that he did the same thing to Maggs last year and I think he would do it to anyone this year. There’s talk of a change or adding an arm in the bullpen in case this neck thing and his lack of ability to get lefties out continues, what are your thoughts?

Hi Scott,

I’m glad you’re not hammering Ozzie for being tough on Marte. I think it’s very good to show that he did the same thing to Maggs last year and I think he would do it to anyone this year. There’s talk of a change or adding an arm in the bullpen in case this neck thing and his lack of ability to get lefties out continues, what are your thoughts?

Back to the basics. Good game last night/this morning fellas. I passed out in the top of the 8th and woke up this morning with an uncertain feeling and an empty bottle of Nodoz in my lap. Glad we got the job done. Hey Scott, is it just me or does it seem like we’ve had a disproportionate amount of rain delays this year? I wonder what the team record for rain delays and cancellations are, or if they even keep track of such things? Rowand did awesome and I like to see that type of line-drive approach from him. Keep it rolling guys.

All of the “sky is falling” comments are well justified,concerning the way the boys have been playing in
the last few weeks.However,in the long run, it takes six months,26 weeks,180 days(I might be slightly off on those last two figures)to complete a season. I can recall when the Yankees were on one of their rolls a couple of years ago, they could not beat the Devil Rays, the Orioles and the Blue Jays to save their souls down the stretch. And you should have heard the moaning, b****ing and nail-biting that the Yankee fans and their trained circus of a media were going through. In the long run, they came through the late doldrums just fine and went on to win their umpteenth World Series in their history. So, White Sox nation, please,do us all a favor…RELAX!!! Let Ozzie and the players finsish up the year and see what happens after the final out is recorded at the Jake on the 2nd of October.After that, if there is more ahead, then you can resume your “either we dominate or we’re doomed” mentality in the postseason. Besides, in the real picture of life,there are a lot of people in Louisiana and MIssissippi who have a lot more to be concerned with than if the White Sox win their division,the AL flag and the World Series title in 2005. Keep the perspective real,folks. Sure, it’s fun,but it’s just fun and games. It really should not be


Thanks for everything so far Scott!

I was just wondering…are the Sox really looking into Mike North as replacing John Rooney? Say it ain’t so Scott! Say it ain’t so!

Tomquaid…even thought I am a huge baseball fan, I couldn’t agree with you more. It ain’t over til it’s over….and the recent events in this country make you realize that even if we do fall apart…we could be much worse off.

Hi Scott & Thnxs 4 everything

from my point of view, seems to be that the Sox pitching staff are going out of gas, with the great exception of Contreras, who (as he said in july) is throwing his best in the second half. I hope this is the definitive take off of Contreras in the majors.

The offense is still weak, but in most of the games they are scoring the firsts runs, so it’s a pitchers stuff to keep the team ahead.

On aniway I think in the White Sox wining the division and fighting out by out, pitch by pitch for the Al flag, and perhaps the World Series

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