Late Thursday Night

Thursday, September 15, 2005, 9:35 pm

Focus on one game at a time, one day at a time.  Don’t panic.  Better to be in our position than the team chasing, who needs help from other teams.  We hold our own destiny.  If we win games, we take care of ourselves.  It does not matter what any other team does. 

This from a good friend:

On 9/13/00, the New York Yankees held an eight game lead over Boston. They then proceeded to lose 13 of their next 16 games (being outscored 129-54 in the process) before finally clinching the division on the final Friday of the season. For good measure, they also lost on the final Saturday and Sunday, for a record of 3-15 over the final 2 1/2 weeks of the season.


Three series later they were World Champs. (I did not double check his info but do trust him.)

An Interesting Link

I have been holding out on you with this one.  This website runs a simulation of 1 million games each night and gives you the percentages/chances for all teams in the race.

The great thing about baseball is that there is always another game tomorrow.


What do the different columns of data mean?

Thanks for talking to me while I’m out on the ledge. I’m still not ready to come back in the window just yet. Maby if Garland shows me something tomorrow. Any chance KC can win 2 of 3 from the Indians?


I couldn’t have asked for a better post from you at this time. I was just tellin’ a friend today that although its frustrating to see these losses, I’m still feeling very optimistic. You said it best- we control our own destiny, and thats EXACTLY where we want to be.

Games like these are bound to happen, but its what you to do rebound from that that matters most.

Keep the faith in our guys, true champions previal when it matters most- and although its not as comfortable of a lead as we would’ve hoped for at this point- we’re UP, and they have to chase us.

Lets go White Sox, we all stand behind you!

Thanks again Scott!

Hey guys –
I went to today’s game in KC (I’m a student at Mizzou). It was depressing. At the games I went to earlier this season the guys were smiling and laughing when they came back into the dugout between innings; at this game there was none of that no smiles, now words at all. I haven’t lost faith, I still think they can pull it off, but I have to say that after watching today’s performance and team dynamic in person I’m getting a little worried.

Go Sox!

HEY Scott,

Thanks for this great place where we can express our opinions, it is great. For the Sox i will never lose my faith. I believe in our guys, i trust them. Buhrle had a bad day that is all. I know they will, hopefully, do something against the Twins this weekend and i am hoping that they show the Indians that they are playing against a real team , not a team with no power. You know what, i think Ozzie should put in some of those new guys , like Borchard( i think that is his name) he had 2 at bats as DH and he has 2 hits so he is 2 for 2. maybe he should try to start him once, and maybe he should give some rest to Paul Konerko because he looked tired the last couples of games. I am happy that we got Crede back, he is doing great. Now my focuse is on Jon Garland, he is a great young pitcher and i am sure he will pull us out of this slump. I really believe in those young guys because they have the power and they can do something. Right now i am not worried because i know that our SOX will fire up and that they will throw some water on the Indians so that they have no more fire to be on,lol. All i can say now is that i will never give up and i know my SOX won’t give up either, they will do it not just for me, but for all chicago’s fans ( SOX fans). WE are all waiting for you guys, and just wait a couple of years till i be a famous baseball and i promise i will play for the sox and no one but the sox. I JUST WANT TO SAY NOW GO WHITE SOX GOOOOOO,, WE CAN DO IT LETS GOOOOOOOOOO. THANX SCOTT.


Rick: Scroll to the bottom of this page to understand how the stats are derived and what each column means:

All I can say is: C’mon guys. Find it you. Don’t let 2005 be a “what if…” season. You have come so far, and we KNOW you can take it all the way!

Let’s go Sox!!!

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