Pregame Thursday

Thursday, September 15, 2005, 11:50 am

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF … Harris, 2B … PK, 1B … Everett, DH … Rowand, CF … Dye, RF … AJ, C … Uribe, SS … Crede, 3B.

Random Thoughts

Don’t jump …

Many, many teams in baseball would happily trade places with us today …

Playing meaningful games in a pennant race in September might actually help us.  Look at how well some of the Wild Card teams, those that have often had to play down to the season’s final day, do in the playoffs.

Our three-game series with Cleveland here will be very big …

While ugly, last night is over.  Today’s game is now the most important.  The same will be true tomorrow.

Keep the faith.


couldn’t have said it any better myself…

go sox!

Not worried about making it to the postseason, only about getting to go to the park to see them in the playoffs. I hope everyone else had better luck than i did trying to get tickets… never got through on the phone and it says no tickets available online after that went through…

how come we couldnt camp out in line at the cell, scott? then you make sure the tickets go to the die-hard fans, not people that will turn around and try to sell them on ebay for 200 bucks…

Spoken like a true genius!

Like I posted last night, today is a new day- and its gonna be a Sox winner!

You guys are out of your minds. The Tribe is coming to get you. You are all in denial. Your team is falling apart. You may not even make the playoffs. Keep that in mind as you go into your 6 upcoming games with the Tribe and we play our 7 against the Royals. BWAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!!

Indian Mike D.

keep in mind, we’re 10-3 against your tribe this year, and if we so much as split the 6 against you guys, you’ll have 10 other games to make up the 6 games you’re back in the loss column… and you guys aren’t even playing .600 against those cellar dwellers this season.
so, ahaha..ha

-Not delusional Sox fan

be honest here guys , would u guys really be surprised if the sox end up winning the wildcard? i mean im a huge sox fan but the tribe ARE the best team in baseball right now. and why the **** is everett still in the starting lineup?

i mean i’ll be really happy if the sox end up winning the division but i just think its funny how a lot of ppl still think the indians aren’t a team we should be afraid of.

I watched the game last night, and I am just shocked.
What the heck happened? How can we squander a lead like that? And Hermanson….? What the ****!!!!

The game wasn’t pretty, but the game was ours. Offensively, and Defensively.

I’m a huge Sox fan, but I just can’t tolerate the inconsistant play we’ve been practicing this 2nd half.

well put, mvp00

I went online at noon exactly and could not get any tickets. The second phone number that the sox had previously listed as being callable was disconnected. That leaves the one number 866, etc., which is always busy (of course). Last time I got tickets at the stadium, among the diehards. And you complain about stadium no-shows when scalpers are already charging 1000 bucks for a playoff ticket?

In February, I received the Minnie plan of season tickets for my birthday. I was told at the time that I would have the option to purchase postseason tickets…at that time I chuckled about the idea. As the time grew closer, I contacted my ticket rep who VERY ignorantly told me that postseason options were only available to those who purchased Ozzie plans or higher, c’est la vie, and that is too bad for me. And of course, I was unable to get a hold of tickets today.

After this ticket debacle and the infamous comments of our Sox on attendance (I’m with the other folks who spent well beyond their means to come out to the ballpark and support the team)…I am just about at my wits end–this coming from the person who attempted to stand up for the Sox during August while select people on this blog were bashing them.

Oh well. Guess it’s my turn. Sorry, I’m just really frustrated and annoyed by this!

After making my own Season Ticket Package and attending 6 regular season games I thought I would get tix the moment they went onsale at the stadium but they we’re onsale at Sox park box office. I went online even before noon and could not get any tix. The phone number was busy and the 312 559-1212 was busy too. Was there something wrong with ticket master? My ticket request went through but I’d be on hold for like 15 minutes online then it would say there was an error. Why was the stadium unavailable for ticket purchase this year? People cry about no one showing up to games and then this playoff tickets gets screwed up so bad. What gives?

.275 ave., 31 homers, 104 rbi, does anyone else miss Carlos Lee. Where have you gone Kenny Williams? Before break you where on the radio, tv, have not seen you since. I am season ticket holder and I am worried!


will someone please fire joey cora!!!

he is on the verge of costing us yet another must win game


and so, today we run ourselves out of the game. more creative ways to lose. i don’t believe that ozzie took out mark in the 7th. he never does that, so he must be second-guessing himself, and that’s not a good sign at all. if we can’t beat the worst team in baseball, how are we going to beat the indians? but stay happy, keep up with the philosophical stuff and enjoy the winter. we need to get our speed back, along with our swagger. again, i say, you’ve got to take the games, no one is going to give them to you. great ride for 24 weeks, then? come on guys, now is the time to start.
j.k. in tucson…out

well j.k. buehrle threw 112 pitches and had runners on 2nd and 3rd almost every inning so i the only second guessing is why the **** he even kept him in in the 7th…..these guys have tired arms…..there is no doubt….that’s not a good thing….

u know what? i think the sox are cursed . who believe that the sox who were the best in major are about to lose two straight to the worst team in majors. it is just not good for us,, not good… unless the hitters do something in the ninth we r going to be in a hard situation.

Scott, *** was with the online ticket sales process today at noon?? that was the biggest pile of horsesh** I have seen in a long time!! I and many others tried in earnest like madmen to jump on tix immediately only to have the lame ticketmaster website choke on our requests with a bunch of lame error msgs. Hey, but I see the pathetic scalper parasite chumps are already getting a king’s ransom for tix. it won’t be the diehards like me at the game like I have been this season and many others-esp on days like 9/6 when you were lucky if 10k people showed up or sat 9/10 game against the angels (where was everyone??). your tix sales today were complete bs!! fix it so it doesnt happen again!! make tix avail at the park and kick ticketmaster in the a** on this one.

What is going on with this team? It is so hard to have faith in them when they time and time again play like losers. I kept the faith through that terrible August and for what? These guys a playing and getting beat by the Royals. Everyone on the team is to blame for this. From the players, to Ozzie, To Kenny.

And that playoff ticket scam was exactly that, A SCAM!!!! I have to agree with everyone else that all the scalper dix are already listing the tickets for hundreds of dollars. Where are Ozzie, and Mark B., and Paul K. now?? They complained about attendance when they played against the Royals, who they can’t beat. Where are they now to stick up for the loyal fans who really want ot buy tickets, but got the shaft when they tried to buy them today.

Unbelievably, Im back at my expectations from day 1 of the season, hoping for 90+ wins and a chance at the playoffs.
This has turned UGLY fast. Ozzie questioning Marte’s injury isnt exactly the leadership Im looking for as the Tribe reels us in. Yeah we spanked them early, but Martinez is hitting now, **** all of them are hitting now, and somehow they transformed their biggest weakness from a year ago into the best pen in the AL. Without making many changes, which is crazy.

Lets look at what got us here:

1. Tearing up the basepaths

2. Great Defense

3. Timely clutch hitting

4. Solid starting pitching

that was then

and now:

1. Podsednik has turned into a liability on the basepaths(although he is getting on) for the last month, arguably longer than that. Cora has gotta be the worst third base coach in history, costing them yet again waving AJ home this afternoon, and he maybe should have kept Carls *** on third when he got nailed there today.

2. The defense has been anything but stellar. Some of that can be blamed on guys like Blum giving the starters a breather, but Dye screwed up last night, Crede the night before, Konerko has 1, Uribe and Pods have 2, and Iguchi has FOUR ERRORS in the last month.

3. The clutch hits have turned into pop outs and thats been going on for a long time now.

4. Buehrle and Garlands ERA have been on the rise, El Duque is a crapshoot, and Contreras has emerged with McCarthy as our go to guys, not an Ace in the bunch at this juncture. MArte is kicked off the team or something, Hermansons back is toast, even Politte hasnt been as sharp as he was at the break, leaving Cotts and Jenks as key cogs in the playoffs.


Will they miss the playoffs entirely? I dont think so. But it is very possible. @ Minnesota next, traditionally not a walk in the park for the Sox, especially late in the season, then the Tribe comes to town ABSOLUTELY ON FIRE. They look like us in May, refusing to lose. The Yankees can feast on the O’s for seven more games, and i could see the standings look like this as we start October:

Red Sox 95 65

White Sox 94 66

Cleveland 93 67

NY Yankees 93 67

Cleveland takes the last two from us, the yanks and BoSox split, we’re on the outside looking in and Im burning my Sox hat in a drunken rage.

All you guys miffed about playoff tickets might be upset about nothing. Dont get me wrong, I love the Sox, but I cant deny what my eyes and mind are telling me right now. Quit drinking the kool-aid, we have big trouble.

Cleveland takes the last two from us, the yanks and BoSox split, we’re on the outside looking in and Im burning my Sox hat in a drunken rage.

All you guys miffed about playoff tickets might be upset about nothing. Dont get me wrong, I love the Sox, but I cant deny what my eyes and mind are telling me right now. Quit drinking the kool-aid, we have big trouble.

Great! Another loss to the best team in baseball, the Royals. This is a joke now.

don’t blame scott for the ticket issues…it’s not his fault. yes, something needs to be done, but let’s be constructive here.

another tough game…it’s getting tough to watch. but i’m trying to keep the faith.


I posted weeks ago that Ozzie’s micro-managing and blurring roles on this team will be their demise.

Anyone else want to help me pay for a ticket for Vascaino to head down to Triple A? What DOES Ozzie see in this guy!?!?

I have also woken up recently to smell the bitter burned coffee. It’s really a story of “That was then, and this is now.”

Then: No game was out of reach

Now: No lead is safe

Then: If Pods got on first, you may as well send him to second

Now: He couldn’t steal second in the middle of the night, wearing a ski-mask

Then: Our pitching staff was all Aces

Now: It’s a couple of (unmatched) face cards, with the corners bent

Then: Our defense was awesome

Now: It’s just average

Then: Our hitting was average, but timely

Now: Our hitting is still average, but not clutch

Then: Games were fun to watch

Now: Pain, lots of pain

Wake me when the playoffs start – that is, unless we’re out of the picture, then I don’t want to wake up. (Can you imagine the endless amount of **** we would have to take from Cubs fans!!!)

As I was saying in my post above (#4), your team is hitting the skids. We all expected it, though. Better plan for your October vacation now, because watching your team in the playoffs will not be an option. You surely don’t want to sit back and watch us win the series, right?

Indian Mike D.

i agree with all what the guys above said,, all of it,,,,we want to win come on…

can anybody tell this stupid indian fan to shut his mouth or i am going to !@#$% him up,,,

I wasn’t so much blaming Scott for the tix fiasco but trying to wake up anyone who could be accountable and help curb the ticket bs going. we’re all here to see them win (well maybe not that indians guy-lol). come on sox, step it up man!!! we need a lot more jenks closing and take hermanson out – his back is a mess. as far as marte goes good riddance! cmon SOX!! cleveland-the mistake by the lake!

Collectively these guys are so tight right now you couldn’t pull a needle out of their rear ends with a tractor. Also I’m concerned about comments Peter Gammons made on WEEI radio in Boston today stating that ‘Ozzie is losing control of the clubhouse and can’t control the different factions…’

What the **** is going on with this club? Do you realize this could go down as the greatest collapse in the HISTORY of MLB? The Sox had a bigger lead then the 95 Angels, 78 Red Sox, 69 Cubs, 64 Phillies, 51 Dodgers or the 1914 season that saw the ‘miracle’ Braves come back from dead last to win the pennant.

I’ve been a fan for 45 years, I’m a Sox historian…I have never seen the garbage this team has been putting out since August 1st anyplace at anytime.

If they blow this, they absolutely deserve all the scorn, insults and jokes that fans and the media can give them.Simply pathetic.

Mark Liptak

This is going to be an interesting series between the White Sox and the Indians. Ya, the White Sox owned the Indians in the beginning of the year, but right now the Sox are 4-6 in their last 10 after losing to KC for the second time in a row while the Indians are red hot (9-1 in their last 10) coming off of a big series with the A’s (took 2 out of 3) and sweeping the Twins in their previous series. Not to mention they also beat two of the best starters in the game with Zito with the A’s and Santana with the Twins. Lastly, their starting pitching has been EXCEPTIONAL of late (I believe their starters are 8-1 with a 1.88 ERA in their last 10, not the mention the bullpen is the best in the AL). The Sox better watch out.

Interesting is right but hey guys we HAVE GOT TO STAY POSITIVE!! I know the ticket struggle is bad and I myself was shut out but if we don’t show some faith then who will. The season’s not over yet and come on if our guys were reading this what would they think. We all know baseball is a long season and this is the toughest part we did open up September with a 7 game win streak I know it’s what have you done for me lately but I just don’t see this team folding not with Ozzie at the helm. I think he’s tough and I think he sets the tone for these guys. Obviously some heads need to be pulled out of some butts but hey we’ll figure it out when the time comes. I think these series will show the true character of the team and I think we’ll all be impressed. I know I’m naive but hey we haven’t had a lot to cheer about and I’m not ready for the winter yet.

Let’s go South siders!

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